Top 5 Video Game Composers

Music in video games are just as important as story and graphics. Without a great soundtrack, it's hard for a game to suck a player into the world. Music helps convey emotions that graphics and story cannot convey. Think of some of your favorite games, and now think about the games soundtrack. It's time to pay some respect for those who help make games that much better through sound. Check out the Top 5 video game composers.

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Lotard33474d ago

Not a bad read. I've always loved Koichi Sugiyama's music, especially in Dragon Quest VIII.

Chaos Striker3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Interesting list, I say that Jeremy Soule definitely deserves some recognition for his excellent works. Oblivion and Guild Wars stand out the most to me.

**Yep, he did. I just did a wikipedia search, lol.

Cajun Chicken3474d ago

Didn't he also score 'Giants: Citizen Kabuto'?

Cajun Chicken3474d ago

What? No Tommy Tallarico?!?

I loved the MDK, Earthworm Jim 1&2 and Wild 9 soundtracks!

Freakwave0033474d ago

Needs more Koh Ohtani. (Composer of Shadow of the Colossus)

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