So who really has sold more consoles? Microsoft or Sony?

Badassgamer "The general consensus between the two main competing consoles, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 is that, the Xbox 360 has sold more consoles and is in the "lead", is this really the case? factually speaking it is, but who is really selling more consoles, and how strong is each sale for each company?"

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KionicWarlord2223534d ago

no one knows. but as it stands right now guess you could say xbox 360.

3XP3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

The bottom line is the stupid titles asked a question, and that question was: "So who really has sold more consoles?" well perhaps this idiot should look at the numbers and the numbers only. As of right now the 360 has sold more consoles. Period.

[First I would like to address the Author of the article.

Okay "CORNBALL" what about the other factors that your fanboy butt fail to mention. Okay the 360 had a 1 year lead. (true) The PS3 came to market 200 dollars more (true). But here is the things that you so kindly forgot to mention. The PS3 (According to all trying to make this point) Has better hardware, A builting blu-ray player, built in wireless, free online, 10+ first party software houses, and the Blockbuster "playstation" name and following. These things should have easily made up for the one year headstart the 360 has had. There were over 100 million PS2 owners out there to carry on the tradition. You throw in the RROD and other problems that has plagued the 360 and this should have been no contest. The PS3 not only should have caught and passed the 360 (As the wii did), it should have never fell behind the wii to start with. So rather than trying to rationalize the outcome, perhaps you should put the blame where it belongs. DIRECTLY ON SONY AND IT's MARKETING DEPARTMENT.

So, if you are going to try and soften the blow for the underperforming PS3 then at least make your story fair. This is why A$$wipes like you have no credibility. Skewing numbers and slanting words hardly make for good news. DUDE!]

Okay, now that thats out of the way, there is way anyone would know what would have happened with these two consoles had the 360 not had the 1 year head start. For instance, say the 360 waited 1 year, perhaps the RROD would have never existed, and with todays economy and the PS3 debuting at 200 dollars more the 360 still may be selling more consoles. Additionally lets say the PS3 came out at the same time the 360 did, perhaps the PS3 would have had hardware failures for rushing things to market as the 360 did.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, articles like this serve no purpose, all it is is a bunch and conjecture amongst other bullsh!t.

Edit: I think the readers of N4G should petition the administrators of this site to not allow blogs to be submitted to submitted to this site as news. I see nothing but BS coming from blog sites.

Trollimite3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

that means i have truly lost you 3xp.

you were my bother! i loved you! you were supposed to save n4g not leave it in darkness!

however i do agree this is turning out to be the worst week ever on n4g

IdleLeeSiuLung3534d ago

Why do we continue to approve these blogs that poses a question, doesn't answer them or bring anything new to the table but just waste my time.

I_am_rushin3534d ago

The PS3 has been out in NA for 29 months. The 360 has been out WORLDWIDE for 41 months. 41/29=1.41. So by this we say that the 360 should have sold 1.41 times the number of PS3s sold.

Next we check VGChartz. I know it's not the greatest, but I'm going on what I have. The PS3 has sold 21.57m consoles. 21.57m*1.41=30.41m. But the 360 has only sold 29.63m.

Make the conclusion for yourself.

TheRealSpy3534d ago

from a corporate perspective, the number of consoles isn't nearly as important as software sales. and this is where MS's lead can't be disputed.

this generation, between the 2 companies, MS has many games that have sold in the several millions. including a few titles that are far above 5 million. sony has some big sellers, but their biggest game is 2-3 million with a few just over 1 million.

in terms of consoles, they are probably even. but both companies lose money when they sell a console, so i'm sure the stock holders don't care nearly as much about that as total revenue. and i agree with the guy above about these articles being written for purposes of creating controversy. but if ppl just think and act level headed, the debate that it would inspire could be clean and focused. instead of some retard screaming about how one console sucks or one is amazing and has all the games.

to date, MS is doing better on software, not much better on hardware, and, in the end, it doesn't really matter cuz nintendo is destroying them both.

Scrupuless3534d ago


Your very moronic if you dont see the connectoin between console sales and software sales, if there were no consoles or pc there would be no software, did i put that plainly enough for you. If xbox has more consoles sold then of course it only makes sense they would sell more software then ps3.

Ps3 is by far the better system, xbox is a toy that onlt little kids have, there parents were to cheap to spend the extrra quid and get the better system.

Bzone243534d ago


Maybe you should have typed a little slower.

"Your very moronic" "connectoin" "would sell more software then ps3" "toy that onlt little" "there parents" "extrra"

TheRealSpy3534d ago about over stating the obvious.

but if console sales are about even and one company is clearly pushing much more software, what do you think the company cares more about?

and what do you think stock holders care about? number of units sold or profit?

the answer is obvious.
you are definitely one of those ppl who falls into the category i was talking about...illogical. stop and think before you talk next time.

oh, and your last sentence sealed the deal. with your little fanboy tid bit. ps3 is the better system is an OPINION!!! get over yourself. and i never said i thought one company was better than the other. i just MS moves more software.

see the difference?

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

LOL i love these articels .

k, so here i go.

360= 28 million in 4 years(costs less, offers less out of the box)
ps3= 21 million in 3 years (costs more, offers more right out of the box)

360s 28million x 33% failure rate= roughly 9million
ps3s 21million x 3% failure rate = less than 1million

360s 28 million minus 9 million replaced units= 19 million
Ps3s 21 million minus 1 million replaced units= 20 million

LOL, you be the judge. but its clear that the 360s 1 year head start is the only thing keeping it in the race.

TheAntiFanboy3534d ago

Who gives a crap? They're both great consoles.

lowcarb3534d ago

Antifanboy gets a prize for posting the best comment ever seen on this site in ages. happy birthday and bubbles

3534d ago
gameplayer3534d ago

I don't know where you and so many others on this site got the ridiculous idea that a console that is repaired under warranty is tallied as a sale! hahaha Warranty work is completely seperate from sales and it's a loss for the company to boot. If a company sold 100 items and 30 of them came back for warranty work, it still sold only 100 items not 130 items and depending on how you are looking at it, all 100 of them are functional not 70! lol You guys are killing me! hahaha

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

You know what kills me?

that free psn is bad. 50$ ftw
next gen graphics are bad. unreal engine ftw
hdmi is bad. component ftw
non propietary hdd is bad. 60 gigs for 120dollars ftw
bluetooth is bad. rf ftw
Bluray is bad. Hddvd ftw
Xmb is bad. Nxe ftw

but when m$ does it and overcharges you: ITS GOOD.

LOL if I was a XBOX360, all of the above would KILL ME.

table3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

lol so true exclusive gamer. 360 fanboys enjoy paying for live because it helps microsofts profits. god help them...and god help all fanboys...

Scrupuless3534d ago

First of all it is not my opinion that ps3 is a better system it is a fact, look at the hardware specs and you will see or maybe you wont cause my guess is youve already ignored those facts. As for your software thoery it is full of holes, I already pointed them out. The # of sold consoles directly correspondes to the amount of software sold for that console. My point is when ps3 cathes up with thge 360 on consoles sold you will see more even software sales. I happen to own both an xbox and ps3 and I much prefer the ps3. For the record that is an opinion, do you see the difference, oh and also if you really want to look at who moves more console gaming software the truth is sony kills ms, due to the psp ps2 ps1 and ps3. Is it becoming more clear to you that microsoft is a smoke and pony show that you paid to see. the x box 360 will be the butt of many a joke in about 2 years. Dare I say you should mark my words.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

u know what really makes me roflwsab?

that everyone over looks the most simple THING!!!



compare launch fps'!!!!

perfect dark vs resistance!!

noone does that....even though it is the FIRST and most simple way of seeing the power of each.

the final test will be end of lifecycle titles. of course certain people will deny the outcome of that too ;)

White-Sharingan3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

@gameplayer- Im not talking in general but in my case when I bought a 360 I bought it with gamestop warranty

when it broke down, they gave me a new one from the store

when it broke down again (the second 360) I said fck it, I payed the difference between that 360 and the Elite

with that, it makes 3 new consoles sold. My point in case is that not everyone sends the 360 to repair to MS, a LOT just buy the store warranty and gets a new 360 which DO count as a system sold.

You can argue with me saying that the same situation can be said with the PS3, but we all know (even 360 fanboys) that 360's break MUCH easier/faster than PS3, so there will be a higher number of people exchanging their store warrantied 360. Plus I bought the 360 warranty because I knew how faulty was the 360 (especially at that time), but I never bought PS3 warranty simply because I knew it wasn't as faulty (and many people think the same way).

solidsnakus3534d ago


your looking at it from a specsheet point of view. yea of course the ps3 blows away everything the 360 has interms of specs but it doesnt matter. its all about the games and the social aspect of gaming. it doesnt matter that the graphics on ps3 are slightly better because the online FUKEN least on 360 i dont have to be sending them god damn text messages like on ps3 just to talk. some of us prefer paying for a good service over getting a halfassed free one.

N4Flamers3533d ago

what kills me is all these people that get up in arms over consoles. I love all these stock holders in here defending their profits.

I wonder if you can take away all the systems that were repaired from the 360 because you guys think no one is actually playing them, then can you take away all the sales from the ps3 from sony for the people that only bought the system to play movies.

Just to let you know when you return a system to bestbuy that doesnt work what do you think they do with it. Well the one you gave back because it broke counts as a return thats a -1 and the new one counts as a sale thats +1 so it equals to 1 system sold. ugh kids.

Hutch23553533d ago

Well the flaw you have in your argument is that the first one you took back to gamestop was also sent back to microsoft. Gamestop didn;t just throw the console away, they were re=emberced by microsoft with a new machine, that is how companies work. Trust me they don't just eat the machine. i took my launch system back to best buy under warranty, they didn't throw it away. I worked right next to the best buy and I asked the manager what they do with them. He told me the company sends it back to microsoft and they recieve a new one, they don't buy a new one they get it for free!!!! Thats how warranties work. The second one that supposedly broke on you was your bad to buy a new one. All the hate for the 360 you all have a great point, the ps3 is a far better machine in almost every way, but you know what 360 still outsells it. I know the 360 is cheaper, but hey I bought a 3200 dollar lcd, I didn't buy the 600 dollar vizio, I wanted quality and I think most gamers feel the same way.

The Lazy One3533d ago

Firstly, jamaica is too hot for snow, so it's ridiculous to think they'd be good at bobsledding (a sport usually performed on icy tracks).

Secondly, jamaica had never before had a bobsled team until the 1988 olympics. How is a country that has never had a bobsled team supposed to compete favorably with countries that have had them for decades?

When you look at all these factors, it's pretty clear that the jamaicans have the best bobsled team on the planet.

y0haN3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Sony has sold more reliable consoles.

Because they've sold at least one.


IaMs123533d ago

Dude that is pretty freaking close man. Not that big of a gap at all, not even a million consoles so MS is doing ok and Sony is doing ok.

Why dis3533d ago

Man I wen't through so many garbage posts in this room.

Too many strange excuses and twisted logic rants.

The 360 simply crushes PS3 during the holiday season by millions more. It doesn't matter what year it is. Its because MS ends up with better games later in the year and the company has better marketing. People know the 360 has the superior versions of games as well.

Sony loseses steam hyping games all year and MS busts out with the new fresh games/hype towards the end of each year.

The 360 is outselling PS3 and the gap is getting bigger must be 9 million by now.

Rampant3533d ago

Factually speaking, microsoft sold more consoles. the end.

aksmashh3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

We Not Getting Any Money Back!!!!!!!!!!!

Assuming Its The 360 2/1

Saigon3533d ago

I think your comments or rationalism to why the PS3 is not selling well is flawed...

your first point is mute...the PSOne was successful, but most did not jump from the PSOne to the PS2...but it still managed to sell 140 mil+...I know many people that never ought the PS2 and had a PSOne...

your second point, if the MS would have waited to release the 360, sometime in 2006, most likley the fall 2006...the PS3 would not have released then...Sony would have released the system after the 2006 fiscal year (April-June 2007)...The price of both systems would have been the same (399)...

edgeofblade3532d ago

Bullshit. All of it. Everyone makes decisions that affect their "success". For example:

* Microsoft chooses to get a year headstart on Sony, and as a result they put out a console without enough stability. As a further result, they spend a BILLION dollars to support a warranty.

* Sony waits a year and launches a much more stable system, but has to make up ground on the Xbox. However, the high technology approach makes for a more exotic architecture.

As for publishers, they have to make decisions too. They have to decide whether to publish on the platform with the most units sold RIGHT NOW, or publish on a platform with better potential performance, but with more expense and time spent as a tradeoff. Also, the multiplatform approach is going to favor the simpler architecture, the 360.

The truth is the 360 has more units sold than PS3. You can't realign launches to make your favorite console look better. It doesn't work that way. That is a fact. The only reason you would argue the PS3 has is doing "better" is if you have a fanboy bone to pick. Microsoft and Sony both have to live with the decisions they have made, and even if it makes you angry that Microsoft got the year head start, they have the RRoD issue to deal with still. That puts the scales about even to me.

Long story short, stop whining over the details, stop being little fanboy b1tches, and get back to gaming.

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MaximusPrime3534d ago

forget about Xbox 360's 1 year head start...

If all consoles released at same time, PS3 would be leading with more console sold.

KionicWarlord2223534d ago

its really hard to tell because both consoles would be out ,not one person nor analyst can go and try to count attach rates and pricing then go and round a number. Its very hard to tell.

MaximusPrime3534d ago

true, xbox 360 is cheaper than ps3 hence probably sold more.

but what i meant to say is this...

i remember seeing this line graph showing how consoles fare. if you line them all up (at the same start date) PS3 would just have sold 1000 more consoles than xbox 360 worldwide.

if i can get the link, i will.

Eiffel3534d ago

I stopped reading after the "If" Lets go back to reality.

TheRealSpy3534d ago

those if statements are so blatantly fanboy. and the fact that you have so many agrees is a perfect testimony to how much n4g is dominated by illogical fanboys.

so lets try another IF statement.

IF ms spent another year working on hardware, they'd have a more powerful system and would have sold more.

but that's not true. it's speculation. and it doesn't hold up as fact. the idea that you present it as fact makes you sound very unintelligent. and the idea that more ppl agree with you than don't proves what the minority has been saying all along on n4g. you don't have to be right. you don't even have to be level headed or make sense. you simply need to be on the dominant side.

EDIT: i'm sure i'll lose bubbles for calling out a ps3 fanboy. and for being logical.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

lol you dont need no link, just cross reference the numbers....

or just read post 1.9

dantesparda3534d ago

Please dont sit here and act like you're not a 360 fanboy, cuz you are not foooling anyone. (Except maybe yourself)

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Firstkn1ghT3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Another mindless blog done by a pissed off fanboy. You can play the what if game all you want sony fans but the fact is that the 360 has sold around 8 million consoles MORE than the ps3.

pippoppow3534d ago

Yes only due to a year head start in N.A. and 1 and a half year head start in E.U.............If the 360 released at the same time as the PS3 and Wii they would be in a distant 3rd. the price of the 360 pro and elit was still only $100 cheaper. MS was so scared to release at the same time as the other 2 that they forced the 360 out early knowing it was not ready hardware reliability wise. MS will make sure they release their next system before Sony does because they know what will happen.


hes a urban legend troll, urban legends are hard to get rid off

Firstkn1ghT3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

And there you go. If If If If If If....

I swear you sony guys love to play the IF game.

Anon19743534d ago

They've been out a year longer. If two racers run a race and one runs the race today, they other tomorrow, does that mean the guy that ran today wins? Of course not. You'd take how fast they ran the same distance.

The PS3 has moved 3 million more consoles than the 360 has when you line up launch dates. People are buying the PS3 faster...period.

Now, when you look at revenue for companies like EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Take Two, etc you'll notice something interesting. Revenue brought in by the two consoles seems to favor the 360 - but only by a percent or two. How can that with 30% more 360's out there?

Perhaps that's an easy question to answer as well. How many of those 360's sold are still operational? How many people don't bother with warranty replacements (stupid, but studies have shown consumers often don't do the warranty), how many are consoles sold to replace broken consoles and how many of those sales are actually sales from 3rd party warranty replacements that MS just sees as just another console bought by the retailers?

It would sure explain why publishers are reporting that revenue from each console and sales are so close between the two consoles despite the 360's "lead". And developers have to be taking note of that.

N4Flamers3533d ago

I usually like a link when people make ridiculous accusations. What you must not know about retail is what I just stated that retailers take returns as a loss so it doesnt equal out to two sales, for the most part the numbers are ass accurate as you can get. I would just like to see where everyone gets the revenue numbers for companies as a total. I only see it mentioned when its a fiscal difference in favor of sony.

The Lazy One3533d ago

why would you do it that way?

If a runner doesn't show up the same day as his race, they aren't going to give him the gold medal because he decided to run it on his own time. Just like a nascar racer that starts racing after everyone else has gone 25 laps probably won't win the race.

I could say the 360 would be crushing the PS3 if the 360 didn't have hardware problems, but it does. Just like the PS3 DID get released later.

IaMs123533d ago

Holy crap Im sitting in a PS3 Fanboy zone here and im about to open fire.

Okay ive noticed a trend. Yes the 360 has sold more, why do people disagree with that? are you in denial? yep i bet, sorry to say yes it has and yes it has been out a year and half longer. okay now heres the trend.

of course the PS3 is more powerful it had a year and half longer Devolpment... or i should say the 360 launched a year and half earlier giving the PS3 more time and options.

Its all common freaking sense people, jeez you dont need numbers for that. Fanboys you can shuv it up your A$$s both 360 and PS3 you make N4G suck

Firstkn1ghT3533d ago

Again with the "IF"

Just accept the facts. Stop playing the if game.

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irish-leprecaun3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

but by far less than microsoft claim!
also alot of people bought second and 3rd 360's cause of rrod
and microsoft could be counting replacement consoles in their numbers.
the fact that there is more psn accounts than live accounts sugests that xbox is not that far ahead!
p.s. thats factoring in that some cant afford a live account.

edit: would the disagree fairy reveal themselves so i can kick some butt irish style!!

EDIT2: keep the agrees comin baby

EDIT3: thanks fairies/fangirls for your agrees /sarcasm

JeffGUNZ3534d ago

You can afford Live. It's like 50 dollars max a year, but you can easily find it for $30 for a year online. You had some good points till the PS section haha.

PirateThom3534d ago

A game a year to play P2P online?

Not remotely worth it.

II Necroplasm II3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

well if you can't afford to play on Xbox live then don't pay for it.

Not all games are peer-to-peer on Xbox. and P2P is better in ways, servers get fixed soon as the servers go down.

princejb1343533d ago

i work in retail and i have had several customer re-buy a 360 either for

1. the new mother chip
2. to replace their 360 while its been repaired by microsoft
4. only encountered it ones the one ring

the 360 must be a great system to keep wanting people to purchase it again

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JeffGUNZ3534d ago

I don't understand why people complain that the 360 came out earlier and is less-priced. Don't attack Microsoft because they made the right decisions this generation.

Firstkn1ghT3534d ago

It's jealousy. Plain and simple.

ZombieNinjaPanda3534d ago

I wouldn't exactly say right decision...

I remember a recall that disagrees with that.

Premonition3534d ago

It was their choice so no one can complain but that choice came with a price, and that was 1 billion dollars in RROD and other situations.

zenosaga043534d ago

No ones saying knock off the 8 million consoles the 360 sold before the PS3 came out, there's no need for that. The playstation 3 has sold more consoles per year, and the 360 has sold more consoles overall.

However, I think it's pretty clear at this point that when the playstation gets a price drop Sony will easily outsell Microsoft.

morganfell3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Would this right decision include not effectively testing hardware viability? Would this right decision include a last gen disc medium and no HDD?

Food for thought:

cpt_kaos3534d ago

Microsoft can't justify selling such dodgy hardware at a high price even at it's current price it's still over priced for it's reputation is so well known Microsoft didn't drop the price to be competitive they HAD NO CHOICE!.

3XP3534d ago

MS may have made the right decision for coming out first, but they royally screwed up on their hardware decisions. And the proof is in the pudding. I think the 360 would be close to 50 million had it not been for the RROD.

JeffGUNZ3534d ago

I agree that the RROD hurt microsoft, but I don't think it has had that negative of an effect that it SHOULD have had. I had mine since it came out and it went once, didn't get RROD, but started acting funny, they replaced it withing 5 business days and had no problems since. Most people I know share a similar experience.

But I do agree it would have higher sales if the RROD did not occur. good post, bubbles for you.

cereal_killa3534d ago

Yes and No They made the right decision to release it early to get the upper hand on Sony but they knew what was going on with the RROD issue and could have waited another 6 months to get that fixed and they would have still been ahead of Sony. They now have the reputation of having the worst defective product released in the history of electronics, and to me is the only reason that sales are going so well right now. Let me explain why I said that, I'm thinking allot of these sales have to do with replacements of faulty 360's no longer covered under the 3yr warranty also with this e74 problem that isn't even covered on this warranty (only RROD) people have no choice on buying a new system or going to either to the Wii or Sony.

IaMs123533d ago

From what i have learned BOTH SONY AND MS made bad decisions. Sony, making the PS3 soo freaking over priced hence slowing its roll, (Like me not buying one) and SONY losing money due to it. AND MS coming out of the gate too early throwing them under as well.

N4Flamers3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

but I allso think that if people believe that 360 sales are due to people buying replacement systems, then why woudnt ps3 sales be from people that switched over after their systems stopped working. Why is it wrong for MS to get new sales from a broken system but ok for sony to get those sales from broken 360's.

I agree that MS should have waited like 6 months and then came out with the system. So my question to ps3 fanboys is this. If MS didnt have the rrod would the ps3 be doing half as good.

People are influenced by alot of factors before they buy, lets deal in absolutes and forget the ifs for a minute. The truth is nintendo is kicking everyone to the curb with no good exclusives (last year) and no nextgen hardware.

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