What Will Bluetooth 3.0 Mean for the PS3?

Everyday Playstation: "The Bluetooth Special Interest group have announced that on April 21st, they'll officially announce the details, regarding their updated Bluetooth profile, 3.0. Within 3.0, The new update will allow for less disconnects, and faster transfer speeds.

What will this mean for the Playstation 3? If Sony updates the PS3 Bluetooth profile, perhaps your headsets will have better connection, and perhaps Sony will allow transfer of digital content between the PS3 and other Bluetooth devices."

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skharadi3538d ago

Nothing because i doubt bluetooth 3.0 will can be implemented with simple a firmware update, its all hardware ware based. What a dumb story

somekindofmike3538d ago

I would be inclined to agree with you,

My educated guess is that Bluetooth 3.0 requires a newer bluetooth chip or hardware of some sorts, not just a firmware update.

Hopefully as a PS3 gamer I'm wrong, because if i am wrong... free upgrade :) and free upgrade for my computer too :) but I won't hold my breath.

IdleLeeSiuLung3538d ago

This proves it, 9 disagrees for stating something that is probably correct. SDF on the attack, like XxSolid SnakexX below.

rockleex3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

But maybe the author meant that Sony will change their USB 2.0 ports to USB 3.0 ports in the newer PS3 models?

Because according to my knowledge, USB 3.0 is a hardware situation... not software.

Edit: Oops, this article is talking about Bluetooth, not USB. >_<
Does anyone know whether Bluetooth can be upgraded via firmware?

dantesparda3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Dude, shut up! all you ever do is b!tch and complain about the PS3 fanboys but never hear you say sh!t about the 360 fanboys.

But i do agree, that i highly doubt that they will be able to firmware update it. I too, think its gonna require new hardware

And as for the question "What Will Bluetooth 3.0 Mean for the PS3?", Oh gee i dont know, say maybe the same thing that it means for the 360?

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XxSolid SnakexX3538d ago

This is not a dumb story because this can happen sony can just easily make a firmware update to get bluetooth 3.0 you are just a dumb 360 fanboy because you are mad that the ps3 gets everything I'm no fanboy I have all 3 consoles but i enjoy the ps3 the most so go troll somewhere else.

darkequitus3538d ago

It is technically accurate whether you like it or not. How does the PS3 radio hardware suddenly become capable of sending and receiving ultra-high bandwidth signal. I suggest you and the blogger reads the technical pages. The 'profile' is implemented in hardware. Just like wireless b 802.11 hardware cannot suddenly perform draft n speeds.


IdleLeeSiuLung3538d ago

I complete agree with darkequitus and I'm suprised you (XxSolid SnakexX) for such a fanboy'ish statement got many agrees!

skharadi3538d ago

Actually I only own a ps3, and you think that if this could happen why cant Sony implement a firmware update to speed up the BD drive? Then game installs would be obsolete. Think about you ignorant fanboy everything cant be done by a simple software update. Though if it was possible why doesnt Sony make the ps3 shoot lasers?

kraden3538d ago

Hey this could be handy, when ps3 slim comes out, it can be 3.0 right?

ps3gamerkyle3538d ago

Whether it is a hardware or software problem isn’t the issue.. If there is a new BT profile, Sony can take advantage of it by implementing it into new PS3s.

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