Sony: Making The "PS3" More Noticable

If you haven't noticed already it seems Sony is starting to make the PS3 logo more visible on video adds. After checking out the latest video trailer of Terminator: Salvation, Playstation ThEvolution noticed the subtle yet obvious change to the Playstation 3 logo. When the video is ending it of course shows which platforms the game will be featured on. Before, the Playstation 3 logo would appear as it does on the front of the console, unfortunately at a glance you could barely see it.

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Wildarmsjecht3505d ago

Ive noticed in past commercials the Playstation 3 sign was overshadowed by the other platforms. This one has it off into a corner by itself but in a bigger bold type. Itis in fact more noticeable. Im sure there were some customers who had no idea a game was releasing on the ps3 because the commercials didnt show it or they couldnt see it. It might help.

myothercar3505d ago

Smart move. Shortening it to "PS3" allows the font size to be large and more legible. Super-smart since this probably doesn't even cost them any extra $ for the increased exposure.

Maddens Raiders3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

hunkering down for the long run.

SwiftArsonist3505d ago

Sony is making a comeback. Good announcements are coming at E3 and a decent amount of games exclusive to the console might lure some players back to the system. All they need is a price drop and they will be set.

myothercar3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Yeah, it's just that the 360 launching a year early made it hard for the PS3 to be more appealing when you compared game libraries and prices. Over time the deficit in game libraries has become about equal, and the only real difference now is that 360 has a year's worth of 3 year old games that hardly stand the test of time anymore anyway. PS3 at its current rate is matching 360 in games pound for pound, if not better really. Sure 360 does still get more third-party exclusives, but 95% of those exclusives are coasters I wouldn't pay $5 for.

I also think that PS3 has it harder due to PS2 owners having plenty of new releases- they don't need to upgrade to PS3. Compare that to MS, who basically dropped the original Xbox support when 360 launched, and told everyone they had to upgrade to 360 if they wanted any new games.

Shadowolf3505d ago

It does make sense for Sony to take this approach. As much as it might seems like a minute issue, psychologically over time one logo (360) does overtly overshadow the other (PS3). If this is a regular occurrence with the new 'PS3' logo then it is a smart move by Sony.

r2deuce3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

omg that game looks crazy!!

I guess sony doesn't believe in subliminal messages lol

PirateThom3505d ago

It needs more colour as well.

The "PS" family logo should use the traditional colours, rather than the white motif.


Your attention is drawn to XBox 360 because it's got green, orange in Live. PS and PC are black and white.

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The story is too old to be commented.