Strategy Guides: A Relic of The Past?

OMGRPG writes:

"Let's face it: you can't play a JRPG without its strategy guide. There's no way you can get every single hidden item and ultimate weapons without the darn book, unless you don't really care about getting everything. But sometimes, it's not about the treasures that are at stakes – it's the ending.

In the last few years, JRPGs have evolved from simple, straightforward fight, loot, and save the world games to a Byzantine maze. Long gone were the days you receive a friendly tip from a classmate or cousin telling you where the Final Weapon is hidden. Nowadays without the aid of a trusty strategy guide or, it's getting harder and harder to achieve 100% completion. Worse, some JRPGs like Suikoden have multiple endings which made the strategy guide an even more crucial component in your quest for success. "

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IdleLeeSiuLung3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I have almost never bought a Strategy Guide in my life. I have recently read two, and both were of a fairly low quality from Prima Games. They were in-accurate and sub-par compared to IGN and

Unless you are playing RPG of some sort, online guides are probably more than adequate in my opinion.