VGT: Prinny: Can I Really Be a Hero? Review

VGT writes: "Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? is only for Disgaea fans or lovers of hard platforming titles. Anybody else who applies will find the game's challenge too frustrating and may be lost in all the "doods". If you're one of the select few who will enjoy this game then welcome to one of the greatest platforming titles you'll ever play on the PSP. It's hard, sure, but it is a masterfully developed through a charming universe that will keep you laughing while the constant deaths keep you crying (for the record I died about 400 times playing through the game)".

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xabmol3533d ago

I have it and I must say it is Brutally amazing, dood.

If you like difficult 2D platfomers, this is a must buy. The story is kooky fun too.