New End Of Eternity Details & In-Game Screenshots

New details and in-game screens from the upcoming Tri-Ace & Sega RPG

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alster233536d ago

i wonder what platform the screens are running on? they look pretty good.

xztence3536d ago

We need a trailer. can't really judge until we see some gameplay. it has potential though.

gaffyh3536d ago

I'd guess 360, but that's just because Tri-Ace has tended to make games on 360 first. But dunno for sure

Kain813536d ago

Namco-bandai has said that the ps3 version of Tales of Vesperia was developed at the same time as the 360 version.
And iam sure that Star ocean goes the same way, even some reviewers said that the disc-changing for some submissions in SO4 is suspiciouse, its like that the game was build for the ps3 and than ported to the 360.

rockleex3536d ago

End of Eternity...

Final Fantasy...

End... Final...

End Fantasy...

Final Eternity...

I must be high as hell... >_<

gaffyh3536d ago

@Kain81 - Thanks for the info, I honestly didn't know that. But Tri-Ace seems to have been favouring 360 over PS3, probably because it was easier to develop for. That's why I'm guessing it is the 360 version, but seen as it is meant to be released at the same time on both platforms, it could be either.

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Delta3536d ago

Nice. This game looks decent. Imma have to keep my eye on it.

Shadow Man3536d ago

are you serious, the game looks pretty good.

DNAgent3536d ago

Now that I have seen more it looks interesting so I look forward to more news on it. Plus, I also want to see if this game will be any good seeing as how Star Ocean 4 flopped.

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The story is too old to be commented.