iTG Review: Pirate Wings

3D racer Pirate Wings puts you in the shoes of monkey rocket jockey Raoul or one of his friends in a cartoony but dangerous race to the finish line. Besides dodging the course's twists, turns, and obstacles, there's also the element of combat; you've got lasers, rockets, and mines to help eliminate the competition.
The game features three play modes:

Races Mode with 9 race circuits, 3 different environments (Canyons, Underwater world, Outer Space), 4 characters and 12 ships available for 3 levels of difficulty. Use your lasers, missiles, mines and Boost to finish first. Story Mode where you'll discover the incredible adventure of Raoul, a canyon pilot who will ally with the space pirates to avoid the trap of the defiant commander Burp in 19 original missions. Ghost mode to improve your lap time and compare your scores online.

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