iTG Review: Touch Ski 3D

Touch Ski 3D makes use of the iPhone's multitouch capabilities by providing individual ski control - one finger per ski. When the skis are held parallel (about one inch apart), the score counter glows green and it's full speed down the slope, but when they're held either together or apart, travel down the mountain slows.
Touch Ski 3D is really two games in one.

A Race mode challenges the player to complete a downhill slalom course in the best time possible, darting to-and-fro amongst dual color markers that line the mountainside. The game offers a surprisingly realistic "feel" (if skiing down a slope with two fingers can be called "realistic") with a nice lean / sway to the motion, thanks to the game's well done physics and momentum system and high overall framerate. There are 16 courses across four levels of difficulty in slalom mode, most of which are locked initially.

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