Wonderwallweb Review: Stormrise

With the amount of publicity Halo Wars received recently you would be forgiven for thinking that it was the only RTS being released this year, however SEGA are also entering the market with their game Stormrise, which has been developed by Creative Assembly who are the brains behind such games as Empire Total Wars and Medieval II.

The game takes place after what is only known as The Event, basically humans saw that the world was falling to the grips of climate change, so they decided to create a force-field to protect the earth, at first this was hailed a success but then The Event happened and suddenly without warning destructive storms destroyed everything in their path on a global scale. The only survivors of the devastation where the humans known as the Echelon, who where in cryogenic hibernation deep beneath the surface and The Sai who are creatures that evolved from humans over the years and managed to survive on the earths harsh surface.

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