TheSixthAxis Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

TheSixthAxis writes: "Okay, let's get one thing straight. Those who said Wanted: Weapons of Fate only lasts around 5 hours lied. They lied through their teeth. I completed it in less than 3 hours! That's right 3 stinking hours! I was sat in my chair, slowly concluding that the pain in my back was due to sleeping awkwardly (which I'm pleased to announce was the case as it's fine now), and not from sitting in the same position for too long, as it wasn't long at all. As the Newcastle vs. Chelsea game kicked off I propped the disc in; but by the time Benayoun smashed in the late winner at Craven Cottage I was already finished. Now that I feel I have effectively made my point on how money-pinching short it was, I think it's only fair to mention that I have played it through 3 times, which surely speaks for the enjoyment I had.

Based on the action-thriller film "Wanted" - starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie - this is not a mere film-adaptation. Wanted: Weapons of Fate continues the story immediately after where the film left off, and in proper sequel fashion, actually furthers the story. You continue the story of überassassin Wesley Gibson writing another chapter in the long history of "The Fraternity"."

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