Crysis Knocked out By Fight Night Round 4

Badassgamer writes "As the title suggests, Crysis has been knocked out from the top spot in terms of graphics superiority, but by who you ask, none other than EA's brand spanking new physics based boxing simulation, Fight Night Round 4."

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KionicWarlord2223538d ago

damn i didnt know that game looked like that.
look at the muscles and the gloves.

JokesOnYou3538d ago

that does look great how ever Crysis is doing alot more rendering than just basicly 2 guys on screen.

Still it looks amazing.


myothercar3538d ago

The aliasing and textures look suspiciously perfect. A PC could probably handle it, but I doubt EA will get the console versions looking that sharp.

bmatthews3538d ago

Those are console screenshots...

TheRealSpy3538d ago

but not better than crysis.

you can't compare 2 character models to the hundreds of things going on in a shooter.

myothercar3538d ago

Ok, I'm seeing something strange in the second Fight Night screenshot.

The guy getting punched, look at the left edge of his body. It's like they were trying to trace out the background and darken it, but were sloppy.

It's looking more and more like a bullshot.

myothercar3538d ago

@ bmatthews

Uhhh... I disagree, and I doubt you're in a position to say something like that so matter-of-fact-like. But we'll see when the game's released.

Hydrolex3538d ago

Console graphics ? Nope ! they are touched up, EA is good at editng

The graphics are awesome but they wont look like that when u play the game, there will be jaggies

crazy-eyez-killah3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

If this guy is going to make such ridiculous statements he should at least proof read his article.

The game looks good but its a stupid comparison.. Someone could render a tea pot that looked completely real...would that mean it 'knocked' Crysis out?

No, because its still just a tea pot.

Aquanox3538d ago

Can't believe he's actually comparing character models from a FPS to a Boxing game, where all the console has to render is 2 guys.

Chubear3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Look at this from gametrailers and tell me this game doesn't outrageously pwn! hell, the in-game vids in motion even look better than these still pics.

The article columnist was just trying to get his topic looked at with that title cause no moron actually believes it's normal to compare two games in two very distinctly different genres that utilize resources very differently.

Doppy3538d ago

Come on people Fight Night is only 2 avatars in a ring punching one another. There's no multiple enemies on screen, no huge explosions, no destructible environments, only 2 player online, limited stages (you're in a small ring not running through a jungle), and so much more.

All that in mind of course Fight Night should look better. It's not pumping nearly as much stuff as Crysis or Killzone 2. Now if they made a game that did all the things Killzone and Crysis do and still maintain those same character models and a steady framerate then we'll give that the crown, but until then NO. The thing that bothers me is why aren't all fighting games this detailed?

myothercar3538d ago

@ Chubear

Come on. I have no doubt the game will look good and might even live up to the screens for the most part... but using the blocky, soft, compressed, desaturated Gametrailers videos as proof that it looks identical in-game is poor evidence to base your opinion on.

- Ghost of Sparta -3538d ago

Crysis beat by a target render? This is sad.

Timesplitter143538d ago

Crysis, an open-world sandbox shooter.


A fighting game with two people on screen.

There's a huge difference

MNicholas3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

(console games often push more polygons than PC games) but this is an incredibly stupid comparison.

I hope the quality of animation has improved. The character animations in Fight Night Round 3 was horrendous.

menoyou3538d ago

crysis already got knocked out by killzone 2

TheIneffableBob3538d ago

@1.19 (MNicholas)

What? Crysis has amazing character models, and it pushes as high as 10 million triangles in its most complex scenes. A console isn't going to outdo a high-end graphics card.

MNicholas3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Crysis recommended specs for modding.

1st person: about 6000 triangles
3rd person: about 1500 triangles

Character Models
Heads: 3k triangles
Body: 5k triangles
Attachments: 1k triangles

Max: 20000 polygons

Max: 2500 each (use simpler models in dense forests)

Texture resolution
Weapons: 1024x1024
Character head: 512 x 512 to 1024 x 1024
Character body: 1024 x 1024
Attachments: 1024 x 1024

They also warn that simpler buildings should be used in city areas.

The reality is that Crysis (like most open world games) uses heavy LOD to reduce the actual number of polygons rendered.

RememberThe3573538d ago

If only Crysis was a good game...

aksmashh3538d ago

Fight Night Round 3 Had Amazing Graphics & Its 3 Years Old

Remember They Were Talking About Character Models & There Is None Better
I Wish Other Sports Games Can Copy

Probably Wont Be Getting This Game, I Don't Think There Much Difference From Last Game (Which Was Good)

MNicholas3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

In Crysis, your actual rendered polygons only add up to about 1-1.5 Million tris per frame.

Here's a quote from Crytek Quality Assurance Manager Sebastian Spatzek about CryEngine 2's much higher polygon limit relative to CryEngine 1.

"The polycount limit in CryEngine 2 is a lot, lot higher than in CryEngine 1. However of course there are limits that will melt even current highest end hardware. I have seen scenes with well over 2 million polygons and the fps didn't take a dive so it all depends on how well optimized the rest you see is."

There's also a video floating around somewhere of another Crytek employee showing scenes from Crysis and explaining that theyre drawing about a million polygons per frame.

I'd suggest Beyond3d as an excellent resource for actual developer opinions on this and other graphics related matters.

TheIneffableBob3538d ago

I never said polygons. I said triangles.

MNicholas3538d ago

Triangles are polygons. One can have more polygons than triangles but not more triangles than polygons.

Consoldtobots3538d ago

oh jesus, thanks MNicholas, I smacked my forehead when I read Bob's " i said triangles not polygons". Just goes to show the terrible ignorance we encounter out there.

Delive3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

That fight night is just 2 avitars or to 2 character models. That is false. It does have to render the audience and the ring and the characters do have a lot of physics calculations going on. Each hit is registered real time, so it can be a solid shot or a graze, this is all done on the fly. Now, does this come up to more than what crysis is doing? No, not even close. This is not a fair comparison at all, but to make it seem like Fight Night is just 2 characters and nothing else not helping the case at all.

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verb3k3538d ago

until you see it animated. The graphics are good, but the animation of this game is total non-sense.

ThatCanadianGuy3538d ago

"Of course, I realise that FNR4 has less to compute on a second by second basis, as Crysis is a huge open world game with great visuals, however FNR4 has to be praised for it's incredible visuals." least he understands what a ridiculous claim he made...
Still, the game does look good tho !

raztad3538d ago


Its a claim made only to get hits and it worked wonderfully :D

Microsoft Xbox 3603538d ago

This game and UFC 2009 are day one's for me.

PS360PCROCKS3538d ago

stupid article. lol but FNR4 looks great