Red Faction Guerrilla PS3 Demo Playthrough

Info from playingthrough the demo and a video of the actual playthrough of the upcoming game Red Faction Guerilla. PS3 version of the demo was played.

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xabmol3447d ago

I thought the destruction was really fun. I can't wait to play some multiplayer. The destruction will add loads of replay value and creative tactics.

chrisnick3447d ago

the sheer detailing of this game is sick, haven't seen it since gta4/mercenaries/ should do well...then again ppl did prefer a broken saints row over gta bcuz is was "munch morez ofz funniez" so u never know.

colossi163447d ago

It was fun destroying everything, but sorry no buy.

stuntman_mike3447d ago

i thought the demo was pretty boring, yeah it looked good and the demolition aspect is well implemented but same old boring missions nothing new.

sam22363447d ago

Same old boring missions? Dude, there's only ONE mission in the entire demo...

stuntman_mike3439d ago

yeah i know its one mission but its probably reflective of the whole game. dude

Cajun Chicken3447d ago

Its pretty awesome. Great destruction engine.