Gametrailers: Exclusive Killzone 2 Vekta Cruiser Gameplay

Gametrailers writes:

"Cover the sterile walls with blood in this new DLC map for the Killzone 2 video game."

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karan86243235d ago

Looks very... vertical. I hope they change it up a bit from the actual mission, maybe add some more rooms. It would be really cool if they kept the elevators though!

ThanatosDMC3235d ago

You could tell those were bots cuz in Warzone... people play extremely dirty... or at least i do.... heheheh!

TheHater3235d ago

I wonder how much they are going to cost.

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Tryst3235d ago

This video (HD version) is not showing for me.

Silly gameAr3235d ago

but I like the Bullet train map a little better. I just think having an all out MP war on a moving train while avoiding instant death is bad ass.

Let's see your skills shine lol.

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