Gametrailers: Exclusive Killzone 2 Wasteland Bullet Gameplay

Gametrailers writes:

"Make it personal on this huge moving train, just one of the new DLC maps for the Killzone 2 video game."

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karan86243474d ago

This map looks like it could really rack up your death count. Still looks fun though

Chubear3474d ago

This game just PWNS in a serious way.

sonarus3474d ago

I don't know how fun it will be to play but that has to be one of the most impressive maps i have ever seen from a tech stand point

thewhoopimen3474d ago

Wow that's a really impressive looking multiplayer map. Can't wait to try it!

wu-stix3474d ago

But will those deaths be counted as suicides?

ThanatosDMC3474d ago

Competition? What competition?!

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TheHater3474d ago

There is going to be a lot of suicides on this map.

lokiroo4203474d ago

so do bullets travel faster when shooting toward the back and slower toward the front and curve when shooting sideways?

OhReginald3474d ago

I don't think the bullets will be affected...but the players movements. If its anything like in the single player campaign where you on the train expect wind resistance when running towards the front of the train.

xbollox3474d ago

in the single player map they seem to be affected.
i've always found that kills were much harder on this map.

watch your grenades, and your head ;)

Hellsvacancy3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Its a buy 4me

thewhoopimen3474d ago

Don't know about the bullets being affected, but you got to watch the grenades trajectory for sure.

ZombieNinjaPanda3474d ago

Wind does not affect anything in the map. Seb has stated that it would be too unbalanced, and during testing they could not find a way to work.

Oh btw, here's the price for the pack :)

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na2ru13474d ago

grenades will be blow back by the train movement.

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The story is too old to be commented.