GameZebo Review: Sinking Island

GameZebo writes:

"In the Agatha Christie-esque adventure game Sinking Island, you play as Jack Norm, a police detective called to a remote tropical island to investigate the not-so-accidental death of Walter Jones, a wheelchair-bound billionaire found dead at the bottom of a cliff. Who did it and what was their motive? This is what you must find out by interrogating the ten suspects, snapping photos and collecting evidence.

While not one of the better adventure games available, this attractive point-and-click detective story might appeal to fans of murder mysteries.

Created by Benoit Sokal, who brought us the awesome Syberia adventure game, Sinking Island is an interactive whodunit that challenges players to piece together clues in order to find a motive and reveal Mr. Jones' murderer. Naturally, everyone on the island is a suspect -- whether it's someone to benefit from a huge inheritance or an angry ex-business associate -- and so you must use logic and deduction to narrow down the list of potential killers."

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