Nintendo Pulling No Punches with Punch-Out Special Editions

Nintendeals writes:

"And you thought the Halo 3 Legendary Edition was extreme?"

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cmacdonald3531d ago

So much hype for a game that will take 1 hour to finish.

PotNoodle3531d ago

Its a fighting game, it is made for multiplayer. I can complete the arcade mode on street fighter 4 in a few minutes, does that mean the game isn't worth the hype it had before release? No.

cmacdonald3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

It doesn't have online.

And a few mins for sf4? That you should youtube

PotNoodle3531d ago

But it has offline multiplayer.

SF4: Single round, easiest setting - probably 5 - 7 minutes tops.

cmacdonald3531d ago

Yes it will sell millions and 99% of people will hate themselves after for buying it.

It's called nintendo shovelware just like wii music.

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360Hater3531d ago

Way original! Oh wait... No its not...

Quadrix3531d ago

The entire point of a special like this is TO SELL THE GAME WITH IT.

hatchimatchi3531d ago

ill stick with punchout on the vc.

plus, IGN said your opponent flashes red when they're getting ready to do their special move, which basically destroys the whole point of punch out. You're supposed to study the opponent and figure out their pattern not have it flash in front of you.

Product3530d ago

even punchout for nes had the flash before a punch on most punches..some were surpirse punches with no flash which will also be in this game.

KwietStorm3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Game sold separately? LOL ah, Nintendo, you never cease to amaze me.