Atelier Rorona - New screenshots

Some new screenshots from Atelier Rorona. Check them out.

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axeru7773538d ago

I want this game! JRPGs for PLayStation 3 are always welcome

[email protected]3538d ago

Yeah, hopefully NISA will localize it over the USA soon, after the Japanese release.

daous3538d ago

Since mid-2008, PS3 is finally getting the RPGs! And we seem to be getting the "complete" version of all the timed Xbox360 exclusives, such as Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia.

PS3 RPGs to date and future ones:

Eternal Sonata
Valkyria Chronicles
White Knight Chronicles
Demon's Soul
Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion
Tales of Vesperia
Atelier Rorona

and highly likely the PS3 will be getting Star Ocean IV.

I'm FINALLY seeing the games I bought my PS3 for :)

ThatDamnGeordie3538d ago

haha this game looks fukin kool

ThatDamnGeordie3538d ago

this game reminds me a lil of Darkcloud 1 & 2 lol i cant wait for Darkcloud 3 ^^ hope they hurry up and finish it

Baba19063538d ago

awesome i like the artstyle.hope this comes to europe

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