PocketGamer: Hands on With Defend Your Castle

PocketGamer writes:

"Just as the title implores, you task is to defend your castle from an onslaught of stick figure enemies. The game is played in waves, each level bringing an assortment of foes that are flung away from your domain using your finger. A swipe of a stick figure sends them flying across the screen, a hard landing eliminating them from the battlefield. Initially, you only deal with unarmed infantry. Quick flicks keep them at bay. As you advance to later levels, new enemies appear with weapons like a tongue depressor battering ram. Naturally, it takes slightly more force to flick these foes.

Each eliminated enemy nets you points, which you can use between waves to purchase upgrades and replenish your castle's health. Fortifications, for instance, bulk up your castle walls to withstand more attacks. Purchasing the Pit of Conversion enables you to drag enemies into a bucket of blue paint at your castle's foundation, switching their allegiance to your side. Other enhancements include archery and magic towers."

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