New Shining Force Announced By Sega

Sega has just put up a site announcing a sequel to the Shining Force Series, as of yet the details of platforms are unknown.

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Chris3993511d ago

Not that it's a bad system, but I'd like the flagship of the series on a home console. I have all three, so it doesn't matter which.

I'm very excited about this. I love this series ALMOST as much as Wild Arms - and that's saying a lot.

What a great year to be a gamer!!!

gaffyh3511d ago

Same here. I have a DS, but when a sequel to great franchises comes out, I'd rather have them on a next gen system. Although if it used the touch functionality of the DS correctly it could still be good i.e. Zelda Phantom Hourglass

xztence3511d ago

there is a pretty good chance this is another handheld title, It could be for the psp too.
We'll just have to wait and see.

gaffyh3511d ago

Is Sega working on any other PS3 game right now? I guess they are localising Yakuza 3 and publishing End of Eternity, but I don't think they are developing anything for PS3 right now. So maybe it will be on PS3. Hope so, I don't care if it's multiplat, as long as it's a proper next-gen RPG.

Enate3511d ago

Its so funny just the other day my friend was talking to me about how much he loved shining force. An I was like never heard of it but it seemed like something I would like. An I saw the new one Feather for the DS an was like dang I wish they would make one for PS3 an he was like hell yea. Now it might actually happen what are the chances.

SaiyanFury3510d ago

As a longtime series fan I SINCERELY hope SEGA doesn't screw us over like Shining Force 3 on the Saturn. If you're going to bring such a huge game over from Japan, TRANSLATE ALL OF THE GAME, NOT JUST THE FIRST DISC!! Now that that's out of the way, I hope they're having Camelot Software develop it to bring back that classic sound and visual style, similar to the Golden Sun games if you're not sure what I'm talking about. And PLEASE, don't let Amusement Vision make it. They've neutered the series since it was on the Saturn. Also, please go back to the tried and true strategy combat, as slow as it can be for people these days. This is a Shining FORCE game, not some game in a series that seems to have no aim. There are standards that should be adhered to. I hope I'm not alone in thinking so.

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crck3511d ago

I hope its a true sequel to the Shinning Force series (a strategy rpg). It would also be great if they could sign a deal with Camelot Software Planning (formerly Sonic Software Planning) to develop the game.

[email protected]3511d ago

It will awesome if the game turn into PS3, I don't mind a multiplatform if the game is good.

killzone2ownsallfps3511d ago


BeNice3511d ago

But wasn't there a Shining Force Gear game rumored for the wii? It was in famitsu and on the blog of the developer or something. Long time ago I believe.

And this is just the teaser website.I hate it when they do that.Give us something.

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