New WET trailer

The official WET webpage has been updated with a new trailer including several ingame sequences.

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jay23236d ago

This looks medioker at best. Nice little rent job.

Cubituss3236d ago

If it's "Stranglehold and a hot babe", I'm buying it.

Blaze9293236d ago

yeah rental if even that. or bargain bin pick up. Game looks nothing new or special

Elven63236d ago

Cubituss: Basically yea, its like Stranglehold with a few more mechanics. Inspector Tequila is bad ass and a legend and all so it was believable, WET is more unrealistic in terms of what you can do. :p

Regardless it still look interesting, I'll definitely pick it up if reviews are positive.

morganfell3236d ago

Definite buy. It is as if Quentin Tarantino made a game.

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xabmol3236d ago

I thought this game had been canceled months ago?

Godmars2903236d ago

The generic game with the generic character that wouldn't die.

They should make her a zombie just for that reason.

xabmol3235d ago

There was an article posted here a while ago showing footage of this game and saying that it was canceled.

mdefalco253236d ago

This game looks very cheap and dated IMO.

Erotic Sheep3236d ago

Meh... been there, done that. It's just Stranglehold with a female person this time.

lloyd_wonder3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

This game actually looks hot

Ya guys are crazy. It has a lot of cool gameplay elements and a hot girl. Count me interested

"kiss my ass motherf*cker!" lol

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The story is too old to be commented.