Console Monster: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

Console Monster writes: "Having previously played the BETA way back in September 2008, I was looking forward to getting my hands on the actual game itself. So when SOCOM: Confrontation (SC) dropped through my letterbox, albeit a couple of months after its US/Japanese release, I was really looking forward to it. I couldn't wait to see whether Slant Six Games had managed to iron out the game's faults, which I discovered in the BETA. So does it? Lets find out.

One of the major gripes I had with the BETA was the loading times throughout the game. Straight away it bugs me to see that this hasn't changed. Not only do you have to install a massive 3.1Gb onto your precious hard-drive, which is a task within its self, it takes about 10 minutes to actually get into a game. Once a game is found it takes around 4 minutes for it to load up, then a further 4 minutes for it to start. But there's no point dwelling on the matter so onwards and hopefully upwards..."

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dale13535d ago

man he must have dial up,once you press start and log in your met by servers of location,eu english,french etc, click takes you to that server,select game type,one click to game type your click your time 45 seconds to a minute.its not that long to wait and been dedicated servers you don,t get the interuptions of cod5.damn if i,m not the host in that game i seem to be droping out all the time.

Dino3535d ago

not sure if this review is even new. since the new patches had fixed a lot of those problems. well that's what you get when a review is made 6 months after the game was released

dvx uk3534d ago

The game has only just been released in the UK. And I for one certainly find the loading times a tad annoying.