The 10 Biggest Xbox 360 Spoilers

OXM UK writes: "Spoilers in films have been carefully avoided for years.

Through ruthless pursuit of those posting spoilers on forums without the appropriate tags and hounding those who threaten to reveal them in day-to-day conversation about films, we know not to give away crucial plot information that's designed to be a surprise.

But what about games? Spoilers in games aren't quite as touchy, as plot doesn't take a central role quite as often, but even so there were some cool moments built around surprise revelations. The fate of Aeris in Final Fantasy VII, the U-turn in Metal Gear Solid 2 after the opening tanker section and Albert Wesker in Resident Evil is actually a bad guy. Gah..."

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Gun_Senshi3506d ago


except for Bioshock

Insanium3505d ago

This list is kind of lame. Bioshock really hit me hard when I realized it, but Fable 2's murder of your sister and the cake being a lie got me good.

Marcelles253505d ago

yeah those were good but the call of duty one is a lie you dont die in the end

Buttons3505d ago

Sgt. Paul Jackson dies in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, just as the article says. Get your facts right

Marcelles253505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

YOU NEVER DIE that guy paul does but the article says YOU do and you don't

JeffGUNZ3505d ago

Yes, YOU die in the game. In Call of Duty games, you're never just oe Character, your Marine character DIES.

Buttons3505d ago

And YOU consists of two people: Soap and Paul. Paul DIES.

Don't go on this trivial BS about how the article said 'you' instead of 'one of your characters'. We all know what he means.

Marcelles253504d ago

i didnt know hat i just thought you were one guy the whole time lmao
im stupid

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bym051d3505d ago

They missed the ending of Crackdown. That was a pretty big twist IMHO.

urban bohemian3505d ago

But found it to be a really really great game, the ending was a shocker and the gameplay was pretty damn fun. I'm hoping they'll make a sequel but all I've heard about Real Time Worlds is that they are making APB? Anyone else heard of a crackdown sequel?

bym051d3505d ago

I remember Major Nelson talking about CD2, but haven't heard a date.

tehk1w13505d ago

Not going to lie. That list was pretty snooze worthy.

TheNocturnus3505d ago

Darth Vader is Luke's Father? Come on man you just spoiled 10 games for those people that are still hanging on to their xbox 1/ps2 still waiting to see which console comes out on top.

patterson3505d ago

you get RROD, then have to call UPS.
Isn't that the spoiler for any 360 game?

Just a joke people lol. Peace.