Can Intel Deliver 2 Second OS Boot Times?

For some time now Intel has been working on a Linux-based operating system (now in its alpha stage of testing), named Moblin. The goal of Moblin is to provide the Atom CPU a light and fast OS that is far less demanding than a full version of Windows.

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DragonWarrior_43539d ago

so you mean the $1000 dollar price tag for my i7 not worth it? LOL.

table3538d ago

depends if it is compatible with an RXD update.

N4g_null3538d ago

DragonWarrior_4 you paid $1000 dollar, wow man your a sucker. Any good i7 should cost you around $300 yet if you are getting an extreme then you deserve to pay that much LOL.

Jdoki3538d ago


Although I think Android may end up being quite popular as well. HP are looking at deploying it on their Netbooks

Ju3538d ago

That's already possible today with Splashtop enabled motherboards. Those boot a linux kernel and a complete SW suite (incl. desktop, Skype, Mozilla, etc.) before the BIOS even starts - in about 2-4 sec. from pressing the on button.

N4g_null3538d ago

Yeah your right Ju this has been possible for a while. Expensive but possible even hot swappable.

Ju3538d ago

Expensive in what way ? Mine came with my Asus MB. Well, Splashtop (or ExpressGate) boots out of ROM and does not allow to access HDDs (which it could, if they wanted to, I guess). But its still a full blown OS which boots there. Its not meant to replace the whole OS, that would possibly require a dedicated HW which runs just Splashtop, but Intels Atom design is a custom PC anyway (and so is NVidias tiny Atom platform). So, using that OS (or any derivate of Linux in that regards) would work.