MSNBC says Metroid needs to be a movie

MSNBC has a neat feature running right now where they talk about the top 5 games that should be movies, noting such highly-acclaimed titles as Halo, Prince of Persia and Metroid.

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Covenant3924d ago

Three requests:

Cast a competent female lead. No stunt casting. Katee Sackhoff would

Screw attack.

Keep Uwe Boll way the hell away from this thing.

kmis873924d ago

If it were true to the source material you wouldn't see Samus without here suit until the very end, so I'm assuming that everything would be done by stuntspersons or CGI, but then at the very end she takes off the helmet and it's Jessica Alba. That would kick so much ass.

ChickeyCantor3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

i disagree.
unless nintendo is making tha movie.

"she takes off the helmet and it's Jessica Alba."

like NO, dude you have bad taste! she doesnt fit as SAMUS AREN.
SAmus is btw blond, and blond doesnt fit that jessica.