Mana Potion Energy Drink boasts "Less Filling, More Killing"

The image was snapped at a Fry's Electronics, and includes several head slappers.

The potion bottle, the cheap MMO blonde elf knock-off, and the iffy slogan "less filling, more killing" make you wonder how these atrocities ever made it to retail.

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ThanatosDMC3537d ago

HAHAHHA! I could have taken this pictures... i always see them at Fry's Electronics by the PC RPG games section.

Vault Boy3537d ago

This is so freaking old. It was on n4g over a year ago.

Chaoszer0463537d ago

this has been around for quite a long time..

Timesplitter143537d ago

I hate non-gamers who do stuff for gamers (that case is a perfect example).

They think all we want is to kill people so they come up with stupid things like that, and people from the outside start thinking that's how we are

Sanhlami3537d ago

this is the most stereotypical product/ad for gamers i've seen so far

jay33537d ago

Haha, the host of a podcast I keep up on had the two guys behind this on the show last year. During the course of the episode he drank about 3 of them and he was twitching and everything. Good stuff.

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