1up: Muramasa: The Demon Blade Hands-On Import Preview

Justin Epperson: "As a kid in the height of the 2D era, when the Genesis and the SNES were neck and neck for market share, I often wondered, "What will games look like ten years from now?" But if I'd made a prediction then, the future would have probably looked less like the realistic Killzone 2, and more like the 2D brilliance of Oboro Muramasa (Muramasa: The Demon Blade in English). Muramasa is a beautiful game, not just because the sprites are big, or the animation is fluid -- the game possesses an almost absurd attention to detail."

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Smacktard3532d ago

This game is gonna be incredible. Anyone who owns a Wii and doesn't get this game shouldn't call themselves a hardcore gamer.

- Ghost of Sparta -3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

They shouldn't call themselves gamers period. Odin Sphere was amazing but I never got to play GrimGrimoire.

KKanjiAnkh3532d ago

Yeah pretty much sure, this game will be mayo filled eye-socket S.E.X, just beautiful.

Obama3532d ago

Odin Sphere is amazing..too bad I dont have a wii to play this.

IdleLeeSiuLung3532d ago

This game looks amazing. Wish it was done on one of the Xbox 360/PS3 instead. Imagine what it would look like at 720p or even 1080p....

N4g_null3531d ago

IdleLeeSiuLung it will look just fine on my DLP HDTV. Actually odine sphere on the PS2 confirmed this a long time ago. I use to hate giant pixels on HD tvs also so I did some thing about it and got a TV to fix it. Go and check out HDtvs with post picture processing. They where all suppose to come with this stuff yet they don't so people can afford them.

Another thing is you have games like this coming but I'd bet you can not find any news of them, why because only a hardcore gamer would like such a game like demon blade. PC gamers hate 2d games.... Keep looking at the HD twin's fans and you'll see they are a lot like the PC fans. This game would die as soon as it was announced on the HD systems and it's gamers would want this game on the download service rather on disk. Instead of charging full price for it they wouldn't buy it till it was $10 when it is clearly worth full disk price. There justification for wanting it at that price would be it's not 3d. So now we pay for dimensions rather than art?

On subject I'm so proud this guy got over his world craft addiction LOL! Yes the guy that makes a lot of this cool stuff is a big MMO addict and lucky many are slowly coming back to reality. He really went all out on some of the bosses though. You have to see this game moving! Now this is what happens when you support true traditional game play with new technology!

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3532d ago
Jink3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

super nice and awesome! Gotta have for Wii.

Below, there was a teaser about Mini Ninja. That one also looked neat. MINI NINJAS!!! I hope it has good gameplay.

SmokingMonkey3532d ago

are the two reasons i haven't sold my wii yet.

any one else think wii motion plus is a total rip off?

phantomexe3532d ago

I never really gave this game a look until now.It looks really good.Most of the time i see a post about this game i just pass it up without reading anything on it.I'm asking myself why now it reminds me of lostwinds in it's 2.5D style.I loved lostwinds and this game really looks great.Going serch and see if i can't find some more screenshots.

N4g_null3531d ago

Please check out the videos it totally crushes lost winds which is an unfair comparison. The guys at villiaware are legends at what they do.

You need to see the videos the giant squid boss, presentation and the story. You get like 200 different weapons to use and it a RPG action adventure hybrid done right!

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