Xbox Live Silver Members Get Free Halo 3 Multiplay This Weekend

Kotaku: Microsoft is giving Xbox Live members of the "Silver" class a chance to get out of the online gaming ghetto this weekend for a few rounds of Halo 3.

They're not just doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, mind you. Microsoft obviously wants you to experience the benefits of going Gold and maybe sell a few more Mythic map packs, just recently added to the Halo 3 multiplayer menu, along the way.

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doomx563539d ago

Wow 10 disagrees. Thats so pathetic Sony fanboys

IdleLeeSiuLung3539d ago

Yeah, it is pretty pathetic on this site. You say anything remotely positive about Xbox 360 and you get raped on the disagrees, but I don't care and speak my mind.

Wish though that MS would have more free online play days for more people. It seems extremely rare....

TheDude2dot03538d ago

I wasn't aware there were people who had a Silver Account and Halo 3.

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omodis4203539d ago

MS is getting a bit greedy....

iClutch3539d ago

True, as it costs them nothing because Gold members aren't being refunded their days.

iClutch3539d ago

I'll definitely be on this.

iClutch3539d ago

Going to be on this all weekend.

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The story is too old to be commented.