Bare Knuckles: An Achilles' heel for Wii's popularity?

Rob Watson writes -

Awhile back, I had questioned the staying power of Nintendo's Wii. An almost ridiculous notion considering the eye-popping sales numbers the console continues to enjoy. Selling more than 750,000 units in February (Xbox 360: 391,000, PS3: 276,000) is just insane.
Yet, one of the reasons for my concerns about the big N winning a 12-round decision was based on questioning friends about how often they used their Wii. The answers weren't very encouraging.

Now, Nielsen Media Research has published the results of a poll in which console owners were questioned in the fourth quarter of last year about the time they spent playing. The numbers are as I had suspected.

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Smacktard3538d ago

It isn't really an Achilles heel when it's actually getting more play time than any other console.