How Dead Rising 2 can not suck

Destructoid writes:
"Like most young modern men, I love zombies and have waited eons for a game that truly captures what it's like to go toe-to-toe with the undead horde in the most violent and brutal way possible. You can imagine then, that Dead Rising was a dream game for me, since it just puts you in a shopping mall, drowns you in imaginative weaponry, then lets your sadistic brain do the rest.

In theory, it was brilliant. In practice, however, Capcom managed to totally stuff it up.

I've given Dead Rising more than one chance over the years, so desperately have I tried to enjoy it. However, the game demands so much forgiveness and effort that Capcom should have been paying the gamers to play it. I don't spend $60 to do what is, essentially, manual labor. I have tried to like Dead Rising, but it's just not worth the effort.

That said, the team has a chance at redemption with Dead Rising 2. Now set in Vegas and promising roulette-wheel-on-zombie-violence, I am prepared once again to risk interest in the sequel on the strength of a premise that I've always wanted in a videogame. Since I am an arrogant blogger who thinks big-time publishers should listen to me, I've written out a list of things this game can do to not suck."

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