Top 25 Portable Games

Try as you might, it's almost impossible to avoid portable video games. Even if you don't carry a DS or PSP, odds are good that you own at least one game for your phone, and access to hundreds more. GameDaily counts down the 25 games that put on-the-go gaming on the map.

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Gun_Senshi3449d ago

23. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) - JUST NO

20. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA) - Best Final Fantasy Tactics is on PSP. Jeanne d'Arc craps all over FF Tactics

17. Bejeweled 2 (iPhone) - Puzzel Quest: Challange Of The Warlords is way better

The following MUST be on the list:

Loco Roco
The World Ends With You
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII
Jeanne d'Arc
Resistance Retibution
Sypon Filter
Metal Gear Portable Ops
Ratchet and Clank
Space Invaders
Tales of Eternia

Most of them are on PSP. I know but after all PSP has the best games :P

Elven63448d ago

Well anyone playing Animal Crossing thats not a kid is obviously playing it for all the wrong reasons!

I agree with your list, just also wanted to add Mortal Kombat: Unchained to it, for a handheld title it was a really solid game. Its cool how they added Vice City Stories but how can Liberty City Stories not be on the list? It was so ground breaking at the time because it showed what the handheld could do!

ThanatosDMC3448d ago

1. Monster Hunter P2G/Unite
2. MGP Ops Plus
3. Killzone Liberation
4. Logan's Shadow
5. Patapon

greyfox2353448d ago

pokemon red, blue, yellow?

thats a BIG one

KKanjiAnkh3448d ago

Booooooo, NO
Mega Man ZX
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
Minish Cap

Reshun3448d ago

I think Golden Sun deserves a place on the list

Etseix3448d ago

indeed my friend but.... they still want Mario games on the list, ok ok, it has his games but, c mon Golden Sun was a great game, one of the few i bought a GBA for :P

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