Destructoid Interview: Talking PC MMO CrimeCraft with Vogster

Destructoid writes: "Earlier this year, we gave you a first-look at Vogster Entertainment's upcoming third-person shooter massively multiplayer title, CrimeCraft.

Set in a gritty, urban environment, CrimeCraft isn't like the slew of other PC MMOs already available. There are no dragons. No orcs. It's not in a sci-fi setting. It's not based on an existing IP. No, CrimeCraft appeals to a market that's long been overlooked, folks more interested in games like Grand Theft Auto or other "more realistic" shooters.

We had a chance to sit down with some folks from Vogster to give us a run down on what you can expect when the slick-looking title hits PC later this year. Hit the jump to see CrimeCraft in action".

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XLiveGamer3539d ago

-Grand Theft Auto
-Saints Row
& now
-Crime Craft

Well i guess now almost every youngster wants to be a criminal now uh?

Thanks to Hollywood & Corrupted RAP/Hip Hop culture by the Music Industry!