WTFriday: CNET's Don Reisinger Is Afraid of The Human Body

61FPS writes:

"So it looks like CNET's Don Reisinger has a bee in his bonnet about EA putting the most terrible, abominable, vomit-inducing creations of all time--human female breasts--into the video game adaptation of The Godfather Part II.

Even if the nudity in Godfather II is gratuitous, Don's issue with the game indicates an opinion that can be applied more broadly. Based on what he writes, it seems as if any game that dares to show a breast (or nudity in general) should be given the ESRB's Adults Only rating--AKA retail death--in Don Reisinger's enchanted, sugarplum world. But why? Outside of the cultural baggage Don is schlepping around, there's no real reason nudity alone should merit the Scarlet Letter of the ESRB. Seeing boobies--polygonal boobies, mind you--should not be cause for concern, and every time some idiot has has a nervous breakdown over mature content in a game specifically made for adults, the industry takes a step back when it comes to what's considered "appropriate" content for a video game. And we all get just a little bit dumber."

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