AceGamez: Resistance: Retribution Review

Sony Bend has done it again and created a superb handheld action game. Resistance: Retribution is a great way to experience the universe of Resistance on the go and it keeps delivering throughout its extensive lifespan. It may not play as well as either of the PS3 games but when it comes to third person shooters on PSP, few games can touch it. The auto aim system can be annoying at times and the sheer amount of enemies is the reason that you repeatedly die, but even this doesn't stop Retribution from being a must have PSP title. It looks fantastic and, as a showcase for the platform, it demonstrates that the PSP still has a lot more to give. Even more importantly, it's great fun too, making it a worthy successor to both the Resistance series and the Syphon Filter games on the system. If you crave a shooter fix on the go then Retribution is the perfect choice.

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