x360a Review: Resident Evil 5's Versus Mode

x360a writes: "By now, most people who have played Resident Evil 5 have eliminated the Uroboros threat, and spent hours sharpening their skills in the fires of Mercenaries mode. What's left then but to take your skills online to battle against BSAA agents from around the globe? Resident Evil 5's new versus mode allows players to do just that. Taking the fight online will set you back 400 Microsoft Points for a download that's under two megabytes in size ... The reason the download is so small is that you're paying to unlock content that was already on the disc. So, this isn't really "DLC" at all. Capcom's official line is that the Versus mode wasn't ready by the release date, and they needed time to fix it. They justify the price by claiming "Versus mode represents content that was created outside the scope of the original design of Resident Evil 5. This is an all new mode that required additional resources to create, not to mention the additional bandwidth costs." Is 400 points reasonable for the new mode, or simply an attempt to prod us for more cash?

Versus mode provides two new game modes, which can be played in either 2-4 player free-for-alls, or in 2 v 2 team matches..."

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