Skybound, The Art

TPG says, "Skybound is the first iPhone game by Norwegian developers, Tumbleweed Interactive and as such is bound to have a few quirks and issues.

The artwork is amazing. I was taken aback by the fairly gorgeous background vistas of soft, other-wordly…, um, worlds. I lost a number of play sessions at first paying more attention to the background art than the little bouncing ball. And there in lies the rub, dear readers."

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roblef3331d ago

Amazing what that little iPhone thing can do, in terms of graphics. Nice to see devs taking advantage of it.

bgrundman3331d ago

It is very much a unique platform to develop for. I can only imagine what developers will be able to do with it a year from now.

CrAppleton3331d ago

Yeah the iphone is amazing

CrAppleton3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

The art is amazing, too bad the rest of the game didn't shape up better

CrAppleton3331d ago

Great review guys as always thanks!!