SingStar Trophies Patch on April 16th

PlayStation LifeStyle found mention of the patch (v3.01) on a french gaming website. All indicators point to the April 16th release date. However, PSLS has more information about the separate, and later, release date of the voice-control patch.

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meepmoopmeep3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

i haven't really touched the game for a long time
doubt i will for trophies.

they need better and more songs

the ONLY trophy patch i want is:

Valkyria Chronicles

PirateThom3531d ago

It has Vienna by Ultravox, what other songs do you need?

irish-leprecaun3531d ago

this calls for more singing with my leprecaun friends while drunk!

StalkingSilence3531d ago

French -> English (thx Google):

"Sony announced an update for the next versions of Singstar PS3. The game will be in version 3.01. Specifically, it will mean the arrival of the trophies, and a new look for My SingStar Online. This patch will arrive April 16, a day during which the SingStore and My SingStar Online will be unavailable for 8 hours, time to put in place new. A second update will arrive April 22 to introduce the Voice Control feature. It will select a song by saying its name into the microphone, simply! This system will be included in the next part of the series, Singstar Pop Edition, as shown in the image below against"