Job Available: Creative Manager, Playstation Network

Be a part of the most exciting and innovating computer entertainment in North America. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) markets the PlayStation® family of products and develops, publishes, markets, and distributes software for the PS one console, the PlayStation®2 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems and the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

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Socomer 19793539d ago

But when i am force to think creativly i choke.
I cant remember half the crap i wrote on this site.
I know i had some good ideas.

I bet if some of you guys had the job you would run sony into the ground, lol. dam, thats some serious pressure.
I would be like: Hi, Im the MAGNUM-RAM and I think we should smack talk our competitors and make fun of them.

Da One3539d ago

1.Let's put PSP games on the PSN so user can take thier games on the go

2.Let's add all those good psone classics to the PSN, you know the one's Japan has

3.Let's start releasing PSP on the PSN at the same time as the store release

4.How about some PSN PSP exclusive games that people would actually like, hell how about more PSP games in general

5.Let's give the PSP trophies, and give PS3 user features the would actually like

6.All PS3 multiplat form games could also be released via the PSN

I could go on and on but it's evident the Sony is run by <>hurtful words here<>, so creative managing could be done by drunken hobos under bridge


I have managed my own creativity with varying degrees of success for some years now.They need someone with vision and passion for the gaming industry,a maverick if you will.I know a guy,but he doesn't come cheap.A legend he is.........well,up here anyways lol

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