AppSmile Reviews: Cooking Mama

AppSmile: "Here at AppSmile HQ we're constantly amazed at the variety of simulation games being released for the iPhone. We've seen flight simulators, pet simulators, and city simulators. Today we're reviewing Cooking Mama - a cooking simulation game developed by Taito Corporation. The game was originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2006. Like that version, Cooking Mama for the iPhone relies on the touch screen for controls. In the Let's Cook game mode, the main character Mama, teaches you to make various dishes using the proper ingredients. You'll learn to peel and chop vegetables, slice meat, stir soups, sauté ingredients, and even remove the shells off of sea food. Mama leads you through each step and then grades you on your accuracy and speed. The accelerometer is engaged when stirring and shaking, a feature new to the iPhone version of the game. When you have finished a dish a new one is made available according to your final score."

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