FFVII on the US and EU PSN? Not for months!

The Power Review: The announcement of Final Fantasy VII coming onto the JPN and HK Playstation networks today made me do a double-take. Then the immediate question is, when will this content reach everywhere else? This will not happen this week, not next week, not even in the next month!

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irish-leprecaun3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

its better than never so start counting ur lucky charms!

Galvanise3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

of it turning up on PSN + XBLA? FFVII is a very very playstation associated brand. Every game or movie release associated with it has seen release on a Playstation console, or marketed with it.

I'd be mighty annoyed if it did end up on XBLA, in equal parts with Sony and SquareEnix.

This isn't a fanboy thing, but you associate a brand with another brand for a reason, and make a loyal following because of it.

militant073540d ago

i want FF7 with some achievements.

koehler833540d ago

It cant go on XBLA without being ported. PS3/PSP can emulate PS1 so the original code can just be dumped on the platforms with minimal debugging. If SE isn't willing to do that for almost no investment and guaranteed revenue, there is absolutely no justifiable reason to put it on XBLA. Except to expressly give the finger to PlayStation fans (as well as FFVII fans who purchased the Crisis Core bundles)

jackdoe3540d ago

Exactly koehler83. It would take a porting effort to bring it to XBLA, something that I don't think Square will bother with. A PSN release means minimal effort for maximal gain.

Lucreto3540d ago

It won't go on XBLA as Sony paid for the development and published it in US and in Europe and Edios did the PC version but SE now own them.

iamtehpwn3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

make me feel like a new compilation game is coming soon.

re:FFVII or Final Fantasy VII-2?

I mean, After all, Final Fantasy XIII IS nearing completion, so thats a ton of square enix staff slowing down in production, doing nothing right now.

BTW, this game will NEVER appear in XBLA due to the fact this runs on PS1 software emulation, it isn't running on Ps3 in real time. Coding a PS1 emulator for Xbox360 would NOT be legally adviced.

TheTwelve3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Once this comes out on NA, I'll snatch it up just so that it can grace my XMB bar whenever I turn my PS3 on (I already own the original version).

This is the game of games.

Thinking I'll still play it over again if I can easily access it through the XMB without changing discs.


P.S. Seems that April Fool's joke came true...haha

UNCyrus3539d ago

In the article I stated "possibly even" going to XBLA...

I wouldn't rule anything out of the realm of possibility, MS could always pay SE to have it ported. And since Eidos already made a PC version, it shouldn't be hard to do the minor coding changes to move it from PC to 360

TheTwelve3539d ago

I'll need proof of FF7 being partially developed by Sony. I've always heard this was true, but never did I see proof. If this is the case, I promise you that this will never see XBLA, UNC.


The Phantom Agree3539d ago

Bubbles and Agrees for everyone above :D (time to go to work xD)

This is an opinion article not a factual one based of loose facts which caused it to leap to the conclusion that FF7 will somehow end up on XBLA...

Where's the confirmation of any of this BS from square?

Lucreto3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

TheTwelve- I was going by this

I will try to find something more.

edit: I can't find anything about part development as there is not much infomation as it was 1997 and not much internet usage back then. But publishing right do belong to Sony alright and heavily advertised it themselves. Why would they do that when they don't have some stake in the game.

velaxun3539d ago

If SCEA and SCEE published FFVII in NA and EU I don't this heading to XBLA, too many legal hurdles for Square to want to deal with

militant073539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

omg i got 13+ disagrees, ok i rejected.

i want FF7 US release on playstation network

UNCyrus3539d ago

yeah, sounds like you got rejected...

TheTwelve3539d ago

Lucreto--- proof enough indeed. Thanks.


UNCyrus3539d ago

I'm honestly not convinced, because the "international" version which is the one that just got released on the PSN in JPN and HK says developed by Square, not SCE... so, it's still up in the air to me as a posibility

DragonWarrior_43539d ago

I dont get it? They are struggling in sales yet they wont release games that would make them a fortune on the american psn? Something real fishy is going on over there at Squeenix and I dont like it.

Dragun6193539d ago

What up with the title? It sounded like your were happy that its not on US/EU PSN. And possibly stating that in might come XBL? What? And since you speculate that it would coincide with an E3 announcement to be released the same day as the movie just as it was in Japan. Well, how would that work with Xbox360 if FFIV: Advent Children Complete is on Blu-Ray? Last time I checked the complete version is not on DVD and Xbox360 can't play Blu ray.

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Rich16313540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Yet another game that gets added to the damn Asian store but not the others. Such BS, why the hell don't we get Resident Evil 1 & 2, Metal Gear Solid, Dino Crisis, and now this? What gives, man? It really isn't fair, I don't see a reason for it, other than SCEA and SCEE are so damn slow. We get like 1 new PS One game every few months and half the time they suck.

f7897903539d ago

Modded PSP's including mine have been playing it for a long time now. It's easily available for download right now. All ps1 games can be converted to play on the PSP, with custom firmware of course.

Da One3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

If so we won't see it at all because we know how ****ing stupid Sony is..........

and that is also the reason it won't pop up on XBLA,

*sighs* it be nice if SE put thier entire psone catlog on the US PSN, it's almost all on the JPN store, minus FFIX, FFVIII, and FFT and some games they never released over here i think

Socomer 19793540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

You people must not forget that the Playstation has always been a japanese console. The xbox is primarily a american console.
both systems are primarily tailored for thier mainland audience first.
Do you know how hard it must be to figure out what americans and europeans want that would be succesful? The people are buying wii fit and wii play. over the top gore like gears of war and red and blue space marines that can moon jump.
Sony is probably looking at humanity like wtf just happened everyone just got dumber?

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