OnLive Pros and Cons

Ever since they have announced OnLive to the public, I(Owner of E4G) have been quite interested in it. I think the top reason to have this service for the PC is that people don't have (or cannot afford) a top of the line computer. With this service you are able to play almost any game that is on their servers. So far they only have a few amounts of games from Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. I hope that more companies will plan to put their games on the service. Here is my list of Pros and Cons of why you should and should not get OnLive.

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Amio3534d ago

These are the worst pros and cons I have ever seen.

"Ability to see anyone who is playing a game so you can laugh or be amazed on how good they are." -- Seriously? A pro is the ability to see anyone so you can LAUGH at them?

Someone should tell the author that you don't "download" the games, it's all streamed. Watch the video and the presentation tells you that.

Who the hell cares if it looks like an xbox controller? All controllers look similiar to one another, minus nintendo's controllers.

Horrible article, IMO.

dkblackhawk3534d ago

It is one of his first articles he was probaly being sarcastic at the laughing part but i say it is a good article, better than the last to 10 reason to not get on live that i watched.

MNicholas3533d ago

The business model is not feasible given today's infrastructure and maintenance costs. Something like OnLive might be possible in a few years if hosting cost goes down and the internet service providers allow sustained high bandwidth services to use their "pipes" or perhaps even offer a similar service directly to their customers just as they offer VOD.

Right now there's no way to make money on it and there's a very real and substantial risk that very thing that makes such a service possible, the customers' broadband internet connection, will not support it due to ISP interference (from induced latency to outright blocking) and pricing (such as bandwidth caps), all of which, btw, are already common practice.

Then again investors have pumped millions into Paul Moller's "flying car" ... proof that there's no shortage of stupid people with lots of money.

DNAgent3534d ago

Pros: It could easily work in Japan

Cons: It will never work in America with dumbass companies like Time Warner now capping internet usage and with no competition which means our internet will never evolve again.

If they do go through with this then i'm going back to 56k and getting rid of cable seeing as how they are going to be restricting me anyways and most of the shows on TV these days suck.

Redempteur3534d ago

CONS - not possible to be technicaly good until at least 2014

i don't want to pay to be able to rent online a game to play it in a limited area with lags not even in HD ..

Pandemic3534d ago

Can't you just import ''OnLive''?

dkblackhawk3533d ago

It would be nice if this would be global. Hopefully they do that in a future update or something.

RedSoakedSponge3533d ago

What?! I didnt know it was only for the USA! I was getting so excited and now I cant get one. I dont understand. Whats wrong with releasing one in the UK, just for UK gamers? Idiots :@

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