iPGR: Abigale Review

In Abigale, you play the role of Abigale, who has given up her 'love' to obtain the weapon Mosa, to fight against the immortal army that the evil enemy, Saliba, has created. The game is spread across fifteen long levels which you can navigate through using well-implemented accelerometer controls.

In Abigale, you can fly in all directions while scrolling sideways, shooting, dodging and absorbing bullets from the enemies. The mace you have absorbs nearby bullets while spinning freely according to accelerometer movement and energizes itself. A tap on the screen makes the mace spin violently, while lowering its energy. A second tap on the screen before its energy is fully drained makes a violent move throwing the mace at the enemies yielding a lot of crystals which Abigale desperately seeks. A level ends when you collect enough crystals.

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