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Sacred 2 Gameplay Revealed (PS3)

GrE writes, "The recent release date delay should help make sure that Sacred 2 is up to par, if not better than it's PC counterpart. It's good to see the developers are dedicated to releasing a quality product, even if it means they have to push the launch of their much anticipated RPG back a few months.

We're still waiting to see more on the Xbox 360 version, but if it even looks half as good as what the PS3 has brought to the table, then gamers everywhere (minus the Wii) will have plenty of RPG beauty to look forward to. Sorry Nintendo Fans." (PS3, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel)

bgrundman  +   2336d ago
I thought this game was supposed to have come out already.
CrAppleton  +   2336d ago
SUPPOSED to.. yes.. but it's been delayed.. and things look good so far IMO :D
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2336d ago
I thought this was only on PC and 360?
aftrdark21  +   2336d ago
Can't wait
Already have it pre-ordered from Amazon.com for my PS3.
SaiyanFury  +   2336d ago
This reminds me heavily of Champions of Norrath on PS2. Already added to my list of ones to get.
Viper7  +   2336d ago
really looking foward for this. I have been waiting for good diablo and baldusgate dark alliance kind of hack and slash rpg for quite some time. This seems really potential one for purchase expecialy because of its multiplayer part.
bgrundman  +   2336d ago
I sure the already release PC version will be better than the consoles.
CrAppleton  +   2336d ago
So harsh.. just wait man.. once it's out on the PS3 you'll pick it up.. or maybe you'll get it on 360 cause you're an achievement whore
roblef  +   2336d ago
Or, you can just have my copy of the PC version.
irish-leprecaun  +   2336d ago
shes an elf and both are mothers are sisters making me and the chick in the pic my cousin.
Jimmy the Greek  +   2336d ago
making her your cousin, or albino near mongol sister?
irish-leprecaun  +   2336d ago
shes jst my cousin but i havnt talked to her since she asked for a loan of some gold!
Neco512  +   2336d ago
Looks good! I like the way things are shaping up so far
DelbertGrady  +   2336d ago
That looked pretty sh!tty.
Dave2001  +   2336d ago
You look sh!tty yourself but then again that can't be helped except maybe with some plastic surgery.:p

Just Kidding.:)

Edit: I didn't find your comment offensive Soda Popinsky i was just trying to be funny that's all relax man and for the record i know this game isn't exclusive to the Ps3 I've played the Pc version.:)

Which i thought was good and I'll defiantly be picking it up for the Ps3 as well.:)
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DelbertGrady  +   2336d ago
Was my comment offensive in some way? The game looks too PC to be good on consoles. And for a PC game it looks like crap.

Some of you probably took it personal since you thought it was a PS3 exclusive. Well, it's not, so relax.
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2336d ago
@ Dave
Epic response. Here, have a bubble.
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Obama  +   2336d ago
aww you just hurt soda's feeling ;(

But I agree, this is one crappy looking game.
irish-leprecaun  +   2336d ago
the person in that pic is my cousin!!
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2336d ago
LMAO wtf?
roblef  +   2336d ago
It had better be better than the PC version. Meh, is all I gotta say to that one.
CrAppleton  +   2336d ago
Ouch.. you think the PC version was that bad?
Jimmy the Greek  +   2336d ago
i guess i dont find myself too thrilled about this game
Jimmy the Greek  +   2336d ago
looks a lot like two worlds and im not entirely sure thats a good thing
CrAppleton  +   2336d ago
I think it should be a great thing! But that's me
ironcreed  +   2336d ago
Nothing like Two Worlds.
This game is like Diablo or Titan Quest. As far as how it will play on consoles, think Champions of Norrath. In a generation that has been severely sparse on dungeon crawlers for consoles, I have been anticipating this one greatly. I loved the first on pc, and this one looks twice as good. Thankfully, the console versions are shaping up nicely and will finally be releasing next month....I hope, lol.

Anyway, just think of a Champions of Norrath style ARPG in a 20 square mile world, with broadly varied beautiful environments. In fact, it takes 6 hours to walk from one end of the map to the other. So, if you are in to loot whoring dungeon crawlers in HUGE open, beautiful worlds, you should love the hell out of Sacred.
aftrdark21  +   2336d ago
Champions of Norrath was one of the most fun games I played on my PS2. Especially with 4 player co-op. I hope it plays similar to that or Diablo/Baulder's Gate style from the PS1-PS2 days.
ChozenWoan  +   2336d ago
I need to get my radar fixed
I was about to let this one slip completely by. Now I'm caught in a bind between getting this or importing Demon Souls. Both are ARPGs so what am I to doooooooo!!!
tda-danny  +   2336d ago
@ ChozenWoan
Just got my import copy of Demon's Souls about a week back. Amazing game. If you want a dungeon crawler, you can't pass it up.

Grab the Asian/Korean version for a full English game (Jap is VO only, menus still in Japanese)

Bazookajoe_83  +   2336d ago
Best diablo clone out there
and thats a good thing. Im definitly picking this one up, the coop will be a blast :-)
CrAppleton  +   2336d ago
MUCH agreed! Bubbles for you good sir!
bgrundman  +   2336d ago
I know I enjoyed it on PC, but I doubt it will make the transition to consoles flawlessly. Get ready for lots of patches.
PS3Freak  +   2336d ago
I am actually pretty interested in this game, i havn't played a good game of this kind since Baldur's gate.

Is there going to be trophies for this game?
reluctant_gamer  +   2336d ago
Hopefully this will be an improvement. I normally like these style games and HATED Scared 2 on PC.
San Frandisco  +   2336d ago
i hardly know anything about this gae.. some said co-op with raises my interest but is it offline co-op? or online or BOTH?

other then that he game so far from the video looks pretty freakin sweet imo... btw im a etal head so i was defienently diggin the music.

edit: sry for the Piece of sh!t typing,my keyboard sucks!
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Bazookajoe_83  +   2336d ago
It is both online and offline coop. Two campaigns, light and darkside. The music was blind guradian, they made a music video with sacred 2 engine. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
akiraburn  +   2336d ago
Side note, Blind Guardian is amazing. I don't think a band can get more epic. Even as heavy of a death, grind, and oldschool hXc enthusiast as I am, I've been a fan of Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, and their side project Demons and Wizards for a very long time. Even from an audio standpoint, their recordings are truly of an epic scale, spanning so many layers of vocals you can easily lose count. Though for the video the devs could have taken a little more time in showing their mannerisms better on stage (seemed a little too robotic-like). Regardless, this info/video caught my eye as well, and I was very stoked.

@San Fran, this game was actually released for PC in the US a few months ago, and earlier back from that it was released in a few select EU regions, and even a while before that it was cracked and released on many torrent sites. The game is pretty massive (could be between 20-25GB install), featured a different online component for PC than it will for consoles (from what they have said so far), and sadly it garnished a little over mediocre scores overall. It wasn't an overly astounding game. There was some poor choices for voice acting, story, and to add it was pretty buggy. But it's enormous in size and content, and the game is very graphically impressive. There are a lot of positives and negatives, but ultimately I would say it's at least worth a rent when it comes to consoles

It can be a lot of fun, but it really depends on the kind of game you enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed the Diablos, as well as Hellgate, and am getting around to Titan Quest finally, and this game falls right in that same general category. I look forward most to consoles because of the changes they seem to be making, plus it will give me a chance to free up 25GB of space. Not to mention that console iterations may offer (at least for myself) a better online experience for gaming with friends, and of course trophies/achievements, which are always fun.
SkyGamer  +   2336d ago
I hardly doubt that the console version will beat the pc. I have it on my pc on max settings with the THIRD textures disc and it is a gorgeous game. I doubt the consoles can do even a fraction of what my PC can do.

AMDX4 Phenom2 940 BE
Asus M3n72-D Hybrid-Sli
8gb OCZ PC6400 ddr2 in Sli
600 watt Apevia Darkside PSU
1 Asus DVD Burner w/Lightscribe SATA2
13 in 1 Internal Media Reader
Raidmax Sagitarrius2
4 Tubes of Blue Neons
nVidia 9800 gtx oc
Airlink wireless n
bunch of blue led fans (120mm)
500gb Seagate SATA2 w/32mb cache
1 tb WD "Green" SATA2 w/32mb cache
1 lg dual layer, dual format DVD Burner SATA2
HDgamer  +   2336d ago
I wonder why none of those things could run killzone 2.
tda-danny  +   2336d ago
@ HDgamer
While his rig isn't that impressive, if you don't think a high end PC could run killzone in 1920x1200 at 60fps - you frankly don't know what you talking about.

Don't get me wrong, the PS3 is a great console (def my fav outta the three), but none of them can match the PC in terms of what games can look like.
HDgamer  +   2335d ago
Until we see it happen it can't run it.
Gambit07  +   2336d ago
Looking forward to this for some reason.
jack_burt0n  +   2336d ago
Am I the only one?
I just want another champions of norrath or even the last one with a lick of HD paint, imo these pc conversions never have the impact needed for console action rpg success. Champions of norrath 3 wld be awesome!
rob6021  +   2336d ago
The animations look like crap, I know this might pass for a PC game, but PS3 gamers will have a hard time going from playing a majority of games that feature motion capture to ones that don't. I mean looking at the guy running late in the video, is that really acceptable in this day and age. It's obvious they didn't invest the money in motion-capture animation, or if they did - they did a terrible job of it. 4 player co op looks cool though.

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