Sacred 2 Gameplay Revealed (PS3)

GrE writes, "The recent release date delay should help make sure that Sacred 2 is up to par, if not better than it's PC counterpart. It's good to see the developers are dedicated to releasing a quality product, even if it means they have to push the launch of their much anticipated RPG back a few months.

We're still waiting to see more on the Xbox 360 version, but if it even looks half as good as what the PS3 has brought to the table, then gamers everywhere (minus the Wii) will have plenty of RPG beauty to look forward to. Sorry Nintendo Fans."

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bgrundman3204d ago

I thought this game was supposed to have come out already.

CrAppleton3204d ago

SUPPOSED to.. yes.. but it's been delayed.. and things look good so far IMO :D

- Ghost of Sparta -3203d ago

I thought this was only on PC and 360?

aftrdark213203d ago

Already have it pre-ordered from for my PS3.

SaiyanFury3203d ago

This reminds me heavily of Champions of Norrath on PS2. Already added to my list of ones to get.

Viper73203d ago

really looking foward for this. I have been waiting for good diablo and baldusgate dark alliance kind of hack and slash rpg for quite some time. This seems really potential one for purchase expecialy because of its multiplayer part.

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bgrundman3204d ago

I sure the already release PC version will be better than the consoles.

CrAppleton3204d ago

So harsh.. just wait man.. once it's out on the PS3 you'll pick it up.. or maybe you'll get it on 360 cause you're an achievement whore

roblef3204d ago

Or, you can just have my copy of the PC version.

irish-leprecaun3204d ago

shes an elf and both are mothers are sisters making me and the chick in the pic my cousin.

Jimmy the Greek3204d ago

making her your cousin, or albino near mongol sister?

irish-leprecaun3203d ago

shes jst my cousin but i havnt talked to her since she asked for a loan of some gold!

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Neco5123204d ago

Looks good! I like the way things are shaping up so far

DelbertGrady3204d ago

That looked pretty sh!tty.

Dave20013204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

You look sh!tty yourself but then again that can't be helped except maybe with some plastic surgery.:p

Just Kidding.:)

Edit: I didn't find your comment offensive Soda Popinsky i was just trying to be funny that's all relax man and for the record i know this game isn't exclusive to the Ps3 I've played the Pc version.:)

Which i thought was good and I'll defiantly be picking it up for the Ps3 as well.:)

DelbertGrady3204d ago

Was my comment offensive in some way? The game looks too PC to be good on consoles. And for a PC game it looks like crap.

Some of you probably took it personal since you thought it was a PS3 exclusive. Well, it's not, so relax.

- Ghost of Sparta -3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Epic response. Here, have a bubble.

Obama3203d ago

aww you just hurt soda's feeling ;(

But I agree, this is one crappy looking game.

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The story is too old to be commented.