AppCraver Review: iSprout

AppCraver writes: "iSprout - Most of the time, when I download a game for my iPhone, I'm hoping it will be two things: First, I want it to be fun to play (duh!). Second, I want it to be pretty (or at least aesthetically pleasing), because I'm a total girl and I care about that kind of thing. So, with those criteria in mind, iSprout by Epicore is mostly successful.

In iSprout, your mission is to guide brightly-striped bumblebees (which, according to iSprout, are "Sexy Bees" - I'm not sure what exactly makes them sexy, but OK!) to the appropriate flowers. The bees are attracted to nearby flowers where they pick up vibrant, sparkling pollen. If they bring the pollen to a flower of the same color, the branch splits and more flowers blossom. If they bring pollen to a flower of a different color, the flower withers and dies, and the bee buzzes over to a different flower."

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