Rumor Killers: Lost Planet 2 PS3? Killzone 2 Co-op coming? GRAW 3 in September?

Will Lost Planet 2 come to PS3? Is a Killzone 2 co-op patch on the way? Has the GRAW 3 release date been revealed?

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NeverforgetNES3243d ago

Lost Planet 2 will come to ps3. I believe....

SirLarr3243d ago

It'd certainly be a smart move, I don't know if Capcom has got their engine running on PS3 hardware yet though.

In fact, what's the name of that engine? The Lost Planet / Dead Rising one? Time to check wikipedia.

SirLarr3243d ago

MT Framework! There you have it.

Bnet3433243d ago

All Capcom games will be PC/360/PS3 because of their new engine. Stop asking god damn it! Killzone 2 COOP (campaign I'm assuming) ... for what? I already beat the game, don't care about it anymore. They should make a mode similar to Horde Mode in Gears 2 but with Helghast. You and your buddies fighting off waves of Helghast and get stronger every time. That would definitely be fun. GRAW 3, don't care for it.

predator3243d ago

Oh it will come, if it doesn't then Capcom have changed their stance on exclusives

SlamVanderhuge3243d ago

Really excited about Lost Planet was fun, and a coop mode would make it even better

predator3243d ago

Also I loved GRAW, played it all the time though I never really got into GRAW 2 the same so I am hoping GRAW 3 will bring me back to the series

stewie328873243d ago

If K2 co-op is free I'll appreciate it, but god help them if they launch something that should have been there in the first place as DLC.

tehk1w13243d ago

Hahaha, they're not like Capcom.

....I hope.

predator3243d ago

yeah I could see a lot of pissed of people if that were to happen

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The story is too old to be commented.