Prince of Persia:Rival Swords only for the Nintendo Wii

Ubisoft delivers the Prince of Persia Rival Swords on the Nintendo Wii, using the Two Thrones core and adding Wii Remote and Nunchuk action to the gameplay

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ChickeyCantor3869d ago

what ?
the sorry but....this is a port T_T so what are you talking about?

Rasputin20113868d ago

Rival Swords is supposed to be "LIKE" Two Thrones but different by showing the overall struggle between the two characters within the one host.....Correct me if im wrong.

TheDuke773868d ago

That there was no blood in this game? Anyone know if that is true. that would just suck. I wont pick it up if its true, just out of spite.

ChickeyCantor3868d ago

omg no blood? no wayyyyyyyyyyy.......dude blood is just an effect.