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Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots.

When you ask people what could be improved in the GTA series chances are they'll tell you they want a multiplayer mode. Saint's Row developers Volition agree and provide 6 multiplayer modes supporting 2 - 12 players for their upcoming free roaming title. Here are the first ever screenshots from Saint's Row's multiplayer mode. (Saints Row, Xbox 360)

Gamer13  +   2986d ago
Looks hot
This is my most wanted game for the summer, graphics looks good, i now the gameplay will be solid, online multi is where the action is.

Can,t wait to play it and i realy mean that.
pRo loGic II  +   2986d ago
This game looks great and i love the fresh ideas i'v read about this game, this is a must buy for me. Crack Down is another fresh idea and the games art style is fucin off the hook. Classic!!!
Nodoze  +   2986d ago
I hope the single player is worthy!!
According to the E3 06 trailer there are only 35 single player missions!? I cerrtainly hope this is not the case as GTA has hundreds of them! If this is the case, the multiplayer better be good!
FamoAmo  +   2986d ago
According to the developer...
This game originally didn't have any missions b/c it more of a free roaming do what you want kind of game but in the end they decided to include them for people that like to play them!! This game has alot more than Miisions to look forward too!! More freedom than GTA and hella more stuff to do (besides missions)!!
Anerythristic26  +   2986d ago
I must say that graphically they really polished this game up , ALOT! Early screenshots did not look promising now I am impressed. I can see this game trumping GTA only for the fact that if the gameplay is good people enjoy the level of customization you are afforded. In GTA you are a set character in Saints Row you can be whoever you want.
Marriot VP  +   2986d ago
AWESOME, please have lagless online like halo 2.

GTA multiplayer, it's what we've all been waiting for.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2986d ago
yeah this will be definetly worth buying when it releases in august
Bill Gates I Am  +   2986d ago
65 Days
Bring it on!!!
xeon121  +   2986d ago
Yeah its looking great lets hope for no delays
Grennoki  +   2985d ago
I dont think it will be to good at all
I am actually not looking forward to Saints Row at all every other Gta clone is a piece of junk so why will this be diffrent and I am not going to waste my money finding out lets hope there demo isn't really bad they might be driving people away with it because they will find out how bad it really is I think everyone should was until October next year so they get there hands on Grand Theft Auto 4. It seems like a wiser choice to me at the moment.This game will probably fail in the GRAPHICS>gameplay department and will only have a small amount of vehicles and you will see them every minute. This is getting rather long now.
xeon121  +   2985d ago
lol why dont u wait till the demo is realesed yes gta is the daddy of the genre but S.R will have one thing the gta's before did not true multiplay over xbox live i think ur a bit of a fanboy nothing wrong with that tho but if u have a 360 (which i doubt) then wait till the demo is realesed if it blows dont buy it its that easy
Shake  +   2985d ago
Saints Row
yeah,this game will probably be better than GTA(this is my opinion f@Gets)
Cyclonus  +   2985d ago
hey 360 guys, who's gonna be up for some "Who Can Run Over The Most Pedestrians" contests over Live?

Its gonna be a laugh riot when this game ships!
Asylumchild  +   2984d ago
games gunna be awsome I hope you can customize your gang like give them a spider symbol and red color and disign there outfits and stuff that would be awsome and mabbe add in some gun shops and have drug deals in your gang to make you money hahahhahah yes . three words....... FREE ROME AROUND ONLINE!!!!
Grennoki  +   2984d ago
All the believers
I cant believe all of you are sticking up for this game just watch the vids they out all the good stuff into the videos to lure people in to buy something that will NOT be fun you may play it for a couple of days then you will start to realize that you just wasted your money on another Gta clone.And by the way not all people have Xbox live so what are you thinking that it is the big step forward it is not it is just multiplayer in a Gta clone game.And yes I do have an Xbox 360 why else would I be here? And I know they are going to make some super great demo that will fake you all into thinking that it is somewhat decent. They wasted all there time putting in great graphics,Fancy physics, and Multiplayer which not everyone has only about 50% or less have Live. I cant wait to see how Rockstar bashes this game in the new Gta. I am not a fanboy of Gta I just now when a games gonna be garbage when I see it. And this is one. Touche
Say's you  +   2971d ago
Saints Row=GTA Ripp Off
They just made this game similar to GTA serie's nothing special except online but who gives a "GODZILLAS ASS!" about this retarded a$$ game you guy's would buy any game that is GTA related especially if its from a different game company like THQ.

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