Bethesda's Hines: DLC Works In 'Smaller, Digestible Chunks'

Experimenting with Oblivion led Bethesda to the "substantive" -- but not excessive -- structure for Fallout 3's DLC, says Bethesda VP Pete Hines.

The company's work on popular first-person RPG Oblivion produced some extremes in terms of downloadable content, with the $2.50 Horse Armor pack being a famous PR misfire.

But Fallout 3's DLC costs $10 per discrete expansion, and often takes 4-5 hours to play through. Speaking as part of a larger Gamasutra feature interview, Hines explained how their experimentation on Oblivion helped get things right:

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Vip3r3534d ago

Is the DLC free on the PC?

jcpiebald3534d ago

Yeah, chunks that you won't even allow us ps3 users to pay for.

I loved fallout 3, I mean LOVED. I am also willing to pay more than $10 for the DLC just to play some more of it. However, I will NOT pay for a 360 and another copy of the game just to play 4-5 hours of content that should have been available for me to purchase in the first place.


aftrdark213534d ago

Stopped playing Fallout after I found out no DLC was coming for the PS3. Sucks too cause I was at lvl 19 too.