Nvidia Scientist Breaks Silence, Criticizes Intel

NY Times: "Back in January, Nvidia hired Mr. Dally as its new chief scientist. The move caught a lot of people's attention, because Mr. Dally served as the chairman of Stanford University's impressive computer science department and had done pioneering work in the semiconductor and software fields.

Nvidia, however, has kept Mr. Dally under lock and key since his hiring, refusing to permit him to talk to the news media. Until now.

Earlier this week, Mr. Dally and I had a chat about his decision to bolt the comfy confines of academia for Nvidia's life-or-death struggle with Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. (Mr. Dally continues to shepherd about 12 Stanford graduate students, although he's full time at Nvidia.)"

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wibble3533d ago

My ass just broke silence.

Alcon3533d ago

would you have been in your bathtub, I would have given you bubbles ;)

divideby03533d ago

Intels 32/45nm design will/is not the best performing....

Kurylo3d3533d ago

Intel is shaking.... computing is going to 2 or 300 cores with graphics cards... gotta love nvidia