Advent Children Complete Screening shows off FF7 gear, FF13 Demo

Square Enix Japan have pulled out all the stops in promoting its extended cut of FF7 sequel Advent Children, having a launch party featuring an early screening of the movie and an impressive display of FF7 and FF13 items for people to look at.

The display included a massive replica of Midgar, a life size Buster Sword replica, a selection of FF7 action figures and toys and several PS3s displaying the Final Fantasy 13 demo. All this was set to a backdrop of giant art of characters such as FF7's Cloud and FF13's Lightning.

Also on display were some Sony cameras and other gear, showing Square continuing their close relationship with the Playstation makers.

Images after the jump.


The original story has been updated with even more pictures of the event.

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meepmoopmeep3535d ago

darn you Corrupt and your ability to understand Japanese
anyway, a week left until i get the Blu-ray package

gamesmaster3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

i want this, but student loans are for student things :(

EDIT: I live in the uk, Japanese blu-rays dont play on EU playstation3's, only American etc.

STK0263535d ago

student things like FF:AC Complete right!?

anyway, I'd buy it with mine...if I hadn't already bought myself a ticket to see Rick Astley...

meepmoopmeep3535d ago


are you seriously seeing Ricky boy?
i'd lmao if he rick rolled his concerts, lol

Bnet3433535d ago

That's alot of Playstation. :) Very nice display. The only thing I do not like is that symbol on the PS3. Sorry, but they could of made a better design.

STK0263535d ago

yep, going tonight! Sure hopes he rick rolls me!

locos853535d ago

That buster sword is SEXY!!

And they need a better logo to the PS3. That one is too plain, looks like some one just put a sticker on the PS3. Put it next to the Yakuza bundle and it would make Squenix hide in shame.

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1 HiT KiLLZ3535d ago

I gotta admit, these screens look absolute beautiful. I seriously cant wait to get my hands on FF13 and Advent Children blu ray.

Also the cloud and siperoth wall panting would look at home on my wall *gets the robbery kit ready* i wont be long love. I'm just taking the invisible dog out for a walk.

meepmoopmeep3535d ago


hahahahah, yeah, i already have 2 VII:AC wallscrolls in my game room

dash--3535d ago

Damn thats one hell of a display

FlameBaitGod3535d ago

Makes me want to buy it lol, and i never been a fan of FF but i did love FF7.

Crystallis3535d ago

WOW...I'd be in heaven in that studio.

Superduper093535d ago

Wow what a nice collection of FF7 stuff-related. I wish I could have some of those lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.